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Please make fusing non random

This is one of the most frustrating things in the game. How many times you see endless string of 10. Or you need only 10 to unlock some creature and now you got more than 50.

We see that by averege fuse is ~22-23 DNA, but statistic works for large numbers. So when you develop some rare or epic creatures then it is not so important how single fuse goes. You need lot of them and components are easily reachable. But for legendaries and uniques there is diffrent story. Each fuse need days/weeks of hunting (e.g. 3000k Velo for indoraptor).

Let basic fuse give 25 DNA.

Why 25?

It is close to current averege.
It will guarantee unlocking of unique in 10 fuses, legendary in 8, epic in 6, rare in 4.
Like above leveling creature will be counted in number of fuses.

But there is more. If we got exact 25 DNA from fuse, then we could make partial fuses (and everything divieds nicely). You need 1 DNA of Indoraptor? Then you need 2000/25=80 DNA of Velo and 50/25=2 DNA of Indominus Rex (for which you need 2500/25=40 DNA of Velo and 250/25=4 DNA of T-Rex, so you need 120 Velo and 4 T-Rex).

Furthermore fuses could be any amount, e.g. if new hybrid is in the game then if you got DNA then you should be able to unlock it in one click. E.g. new legendary from two rares need 8 fuses for 200 DNA each, so if you got 1600 DNA of both components then in one click you unlock it.

Now making grypholith require 20 lvl of purrolyth (and 500 DNA for fuse), currently it’s a hours of clicking fuse button.


That sounds pretty good for sure…I’m tired of all the 10s too…the last 6 fuses I did on my Thor were 10s…at 2k a fuse terrible… would love an average number like 25 per fuse


I had said this on another post a long time ago about how I think the minimum fuse should be 50 DNA because that is the minimum amount of DNA needed to attempt fusion because nobody wants to spend 2,000 Velociraptor DNA only to get a repeating 10 fuse

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Hope they listen to us…

My average on rare /epics is also 22/23 but on the long time… If you fuse your legendary lucky you if once you get 30/40.

It took me horrible time to even unlock Magna but each 500 dimetrodon fuse is a pain.

Same happens with Tryko which is stuck in level 23 for ages…

At least they should do a friendlier fuse system.

By the time I was able to get the amount DNA required to level suchotator from 25 to 26 and the start the fusion… I think my younger cousins had got married and had 2 children each.

This has been talked about before. It’s pretty much impossible to change the system. All those people who powered through the 10’s to get their dinos created/leveled would (rightfully) scream bloody murder that all of a sudden fusing became easier. Unless they rolled back ALL the DNA we’ve ever fused to let us re-fuse them, this wouldn’t work.

Yep, same here, took forever to get Magna and now trying to find Dimetrodon os killing me, poor Magna is stuck on lvl 21

Well, there is no such people. Statistic works, so from time to time you got good one. If average is 20 it means that to compensate 70 on fuse you need 5 tens.

If we rolled back DNA and reused it won’t be much diffrence.

Big wish but they could do something like that when they roll out version 2.0. Reset all dinos to base level with DNA refunded that was earned. Boosts too. You get a start over point.

Many games go thru this. Later on down the line a patch makes it easier and some complain. But is it better to lose the 10 percent that do or open up to new players. Games going to limp to death in 6 months if they dont do something anyway

Something I don’t like about this idea is it takes away those 50’s 70’s and the infamous 100’s etc lol. But 10’s are brutal on a few specific dinos.