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Please make it not a bug

Well I don’t know if it’s normal or not but since 4:00 p.m. I have no legendary in my area but none can you help me

Hey Rexylius, do you have a screenshot of your in-game map?

here it is since 4:00 p.m.


I think I couldn’t have them I have class until 3:30 p.m.

Thank you for the screenshots! Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what the issue is as I see a few Legendary creatures around your area on your map. :thinking:

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yes that’s the problem no creatures spawn in the area but around if and as I don’t want to waste my 4G I can’t do anything once there was no unique even after 10 km and at the Valentine’s Day event I had only 1 incubator in the area and one there was indeed 3 or 4 around

I’m sorry if the event creatures aren’t appearing as close to your area as you would like, Rexylius. :sweat:

As spawn points are usually determined by real-world data, there isn’t much our team can do to control their location. However, I can definitely note your feedback down for our team!



you could just go out

@Rexylius My theory is the strike towers are being placed overtop the event drops… I’ve seen it myself in the app. This has an effect of basically “hiding” the event drops.

I’ve been suggesting that strike towers be removed completely from the map after they are completed (not just have them fade away). This should then reveal the hidden event drops.

But sadly, this suggestion never seems to get anywhere. Why do we need faded out event drops on the map anyway?


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Both of the images below were from the same exact day. Taken minutes apart. And both were after the drops had already changed for that day.

Before I restarted the app I had a good amount of green drops, after I restarted the app most of the green drops were gone and in their place were strike towers instead. Notice the epic spawn is still in the same exact spot.

It depends on the timezone,some people are having the new legendaries in the morning,some,like this.
Mine actually appear on 6:00 PM.

Thanks, but time zone doesn’t really apply to this.

The heart of this complaint is really about how few of the legendary drops are around when they are there.

The original mention of a specific clock time just muddles the true underlying issue. When legendary drops are there, there is very few of them.

When i was going to dart a tryostronyx there were no tryos at all,so I had to go out,you should too.

Thanks but the point is that if strike towers completely disappeared and revealed the hidden event drops then there would be a lot more variety to dart from. And you may not even have to go out to dart after all. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a lot more choices to dart from?

Well… Are you asking them to rework the whole map bc you don’t want to waste your 4g?

i said i don’t want and can’t waste my 4G

No but it annoys me a bit because it was not only in my area where I went in an indoor area otherwise I understand everyone’s reaction

In fact what I hope is that my luck will not put me any leg during the whole week because this event interested me only for the ankyntryko

Good thank you all for having me answered