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Please Make me this part 2

i hope you like it

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Angaturama is a synonym for Irritator

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yea i know it just rework proposal

way too overpowered

Not the best at knowing creature balance, so some if this may be wrong when compared to what the professionals say

I think both need changes, 1 needs some lowered attack and needs to lose the instant move, as I think it’s more of a higher lvl rarity move. 2 definitely needs lower attack, and I feel something needs to be done to balance everything else out but idk what

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Why does angaturama’s revenge nullifyimg rampage do x0.33 dmg with a 4 turn cooldowncand priority?

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Yea I agree. Lol

How smart. Angaturama and Irritator are the same creature dude

well why would they change the name for a rework? Irritator is fine bc it’s meant as a raid dino not for pvp

Visible Confusion

dont be saltee