Please make spawn rate for all dinosaurs identical


After 1.3.11 update, spawn rate for certain dinosaurs dropped drastically. For e.g Dimetrodon does not spawn like before, it is too rare to see it now. In contrast, Tuojiangosaurus spawn more than before. Please make spawn rate identical for all dinosaurs in their respective rarity class.


I think if all dinos went gloval spawn this game wil be much better, not everybody can drive 10km to other distric evrry days for catch specific dinos


Speaking of spawn rates, anyone know if the migration is still a thing?


My regular spawns for the most part are always the same Apatosaurus, Triceratops gen 2 Iguandon and Diplocaulous like the stuff on cow fields basically everywhere all day long but I do see Epics and Rares spawn on occasion that I never saw before in my area!

So I guess the migration continues


Hopefully that’s the case. I still see my usual pigeons of Stego and Einio, but since the migration and update, Apatasaurs are now my pigeons along with Iguanadon, Diplo, Paras (which means finding RareDilo became harder), Euo, Allo…so many pigeons. I want my EpicSpino to reappear :sob:


I agree, everything should be a global spawn


The current zoning makes the game harder. But if everything spawns everywhere game will never really change. I think it will soon get boring. I don’t know how Ludia could make it fresh again.


Heaven forbid you can not catch every dino from your couch… it’s almost like you need to move around the real world to play an AR GPS based game… the nerve of Ludia!


When moving is walk or drive tons of milles to other district spawn zone, and you are there hours to see perhaps 1,2 dinos you searching is not fun, bad AR design and people dont have a lot patiente


Something about having things be weird and funky feels more organic.
Certain towns have different stuff. Some epics are more common for me where as some people report finding none.

One downside of having an identical spawn rate is that you’d get a even spread of DNA which would lead to slow progress.


I ride my bike a couple miles north to the next town specifically for the Deinocheirus that I am working on building. My town area has all kinds of Dracorex Gen 2 but I don’t want those. I’m hoping for another migration in hopes to get other dinosaurs.

There are also certain rares I was working on building that suddenly became extinct. Obviously the Veleciraptors are on their way to extinction.

My work area and home area have pretty much the exact same thing.

Again, I’ll look forward to another migration again at some point. Right now they’ve lowered the Nundasuchus and einiosaurus so much, I can’t really build up my Einiasuhus any more although I am finding a bit more Triceratops and stegosaurus to build the Stegoceratops up more. I need more coin though.