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Please make strike events disappear after you complete them


We’ve probably all lost several good dinos to the inside of a strike event spawn. I’ve had several epics spawn on a supply drop and be inaccessible because of the strike event object preventing me from clicking it. In my alliance, this is a common grievance that has infuriated many dedicated players. ESPECIALLY when you’ve used a scent capsule while standing too close to a supply drop with a strike on it, and you lose your scent capsule spawns because they’re unclickable!

I know making dinos clickable with a strike event spawned on top is difficult. Can you at least make the strike events disappear when you’ve finished them, so there’s a way to clear them? That seems like a reasonably easy thing to implement, and would alleviate a lot of headaches!


We’ve been saying this for a while so I hope it won’t be long before it gets implemented.


I know the problem really needs to be fixed but while it is still present you need to time your movements right when using scents - I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to run to ensure the countdown doesn’t hit a spawn minute while I am close to a tower :smile:

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My problem is that I’m disabled, so I play mostly while at home. There’s a supply drop on my street and I often lose scent spawns to it. I can go for short walks in my area sometimes, but I can’t run if I had to. Also there’s a blizzard outside right now and I can barely walk to the end of my driveway let alone anywhere else.

I love having a supply drop within range of my house because it’s about the only way I can play this game. But whenever I wake up and see a strike event on it, I know I’m not going to be able to play much because of it. Scent capsules are one of the only ways I can play without walking too much, so it really sucks when that gets taken away too.


That sucks :frowning: I have two supply drops I can reach from my desk at work - next time I’m moaning that the towers are ruining things I shall think of you and stop moaning. Hopefully Ludia will fix this in the next update - but I’m not hopeful :frowning:

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“Why fix it when people can just buy incubators/scents for DNA and give us money?”

^Ludia, probably.

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Come down from the top of the dino, not the side or you will get the tower. You just have to be close to the tower. Zoom in on the back of the dino’s head or neck and click on it. I have been doing that for a while and it works for me.


Just lost a Sino because it was stuck inside of a strike tower. I’ve faced this before but used the trick of going to the collection, clicking a random dino and then clicking the map and quickly clicking the spot where the dino is. Unfortunately, the trick doesn’t seem to work now because it spawns the strike tower before the spawn. So there goes one Sino. Needless to say I am not in the least happy right now.

If this bug is not fixed next patch, I don’t think I’ll continue being VIP and even recommending this to friends. It has to be a priority fix.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday, tower always loaded before the spawn… until the sino despawned.


No trick at all…Just need to touch it in the right spot. See post above.


whats the big deal though? another will spawn in a month or two.


They need to be made where we can hide them. Not everybody is successful at all strike towers. I can clear most of them but the epics sometimes yes sometimes no and I’m not going to keep throwing green backs at them. Remember insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting different results… or a way to go broke.


Doesn’t really work. I’ve tried it multiple times. So many times.


I’d be happy if just the bases disappeared after we are done.


They do this with treasure chests, why not strike events?

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Back when the first introduced strike events ludia claimed they did not know how to fix this. It seems to be the way strike events are coded compared to the way chests were coded… my guess is they do not want to recode strike towers so i dont see this one getting fixed.


If I recall correctly they couldn’t stop spawns happening where strike towers were as the spawn mechanism was unconnected to the towers - however the suggestion was then raised that they could disappear once completed - they already lose the beacon and go transparent when completed so I don’t see that making them just not display would be a biggie but then I don’t know their code. Also as irritating as it is there is a long list of other bugs I would rather see fixed first.

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Another Clown :heart: Hi!

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The strike towers aren’t visible when the strike event for them isn’t happening. They should be able to make them not visible when they’re not viable.

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That’s why I’m hoping that just making them disappear once complete is an easier solution. Making something click able when something is spawned on top of it is complicated. But just removing the thing on top shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?