Please make the game more International time zone friendly

Anyone else see the game continuing to favour Canadian time zones (assuming Ludia team is all based in Canada)? Like the new time for daily pass event starting, in my case, now at 4pm (I am in GMT+1/UTC +1 timezone), game day still start at midnight local time (I think), so now I have to hold back opening incubators; daily 10 PvP battle incubator and save 3 FIP for the sanctuaries, in case I get that as a daily mission task at 4pm (Have got that a few time since 2.16 update)?

Curious what logic is behind that apart from it being morning in Canadian time zones and of course all of the American continents?

Every other game I play does it right and work fairly as a global game i.e. start the game day at the same local time, e.g. on Pokemon Go everything resets at midnight GMT/UTC for me and everyone else at their midnight in their time zone. Aus/NZ get the events first and it just works. JWA does that for daily raid creatures, so you can be invited to a raid from Aus/NZ and be in a day before timezone in Canada/US, so why not make the game consistent and inclusive to all global players?


They can’t handle daylight savings time and you think they can handle local times…


Its not favoring places, its just doing whats easier for them. If it were in london, I’m pretty sure that the americains and canadians wouldn’t be complaining


It matters exactly zero when the daily missions start, because you have 24 hours for them.
It’s actually better than before because the mission reset time is now the same as the map reset time.
If you can’t manage your missions in a 24 hour time period from afternoon to afternoon, how is it any different from morning to morning? Explain.


It would be even better if the supply drops were to reset at the same time as well!


Not necessarily, now it’s easier to get a chance to double the chest income for example.

Then why have random starts for various events in the game? Raid bosses; spins for FIP and towers plus dally task are now all different why not then pick the same random time for every part of the game to start in each timezone? Yes, it is 24hrs but not the same start for various parts of the game. I think you are defending something which is purely by accident that 2.16 happen to have the code, server ready and updated to mobile stores at around 3pm UTC which I guess was the morning time for the devs…

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The fact that stops reset at a different time is only beneficial, in some cases you can get 2x25k gold from the chests for example.
Who raids at night? It doesn’t matter. At all.
Everything else resets at the same time and that’s fine as well. It doesn’t matter at which time this is. 24h is 24h.

Give me a reason why anything is an issue or give me a reason why you create an unnecessary complaint topic.

I’m defending it because it’s no issue. As sooo often with people posting here.


This is what I have observed so far for my local timezone (which is GMT+1/UTC+1 in Summer months), is it the same in other timezones around the world?

All local time:
1am: Count resets for daily map supply drops rewards; Map coin boxes on Sundays and events reset
1am: First daily incubator double reward for watching ad; free cash for watching ad; free darts for watching ad
7am: New day raid bosses reset (local time, so other players can be invited but they will not have in on their map if it is night time or previous day for them in their country)
4pm: Supply drops change/reset; New day daily missions start; Market resets.

Is it the same for all the other timezone in local time?

raid bosses start at dawn in the game or sunrise, so it is not at a fixed time

15:00 UTC strike towers and missions reset (used to be 06:00 UTC)
00:00 UTC resources from supply drops reset

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which makes me think if they are able to have raids starting at dawn, they might be able to do the same for everything?


Exactly, just seems like some random design decision by different team members and no consideration of international time zones and players.

Sadly very typical of a none diverse and inclusive development team, so no one flagged it at design stage meetings as it doesn’t affect the local testers and the development team members (who may actually play the game without cheat coins)…

Thanks about the observation on raid bosses time, I am an early riser so definitely not based on Sunrise or dawn but likely set to few hours after local Sunrise time(?).

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I have a player living in the north of Sweden and they get new lobbies around 01:00 local time in June as they have 1 hour of night that time of year. It is definitely based on the actual sunrise time. I think dawn is 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after sunrise, dusk is 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after sunset. If I remember correctly that is how the game generates dawn, day, dusk, night in the game.

Being able to collect 2*25k is the only advantage indeed of having the supply drop reset out of sync with the map and missions reset.

Hmmm… No clue how it works up here.



Lucky you. They must have implemented something to cater for these cases. Not easy to hunt for irritator for you!


Except it doesn’t matter because you have 24 hours to do the missions.
Also there are many games that use the US time for resets. Yet you don’t see people complaining about that.

Sorry, I don’t subscribed to poorly designed games that haven’t a clue about the world being round and basic knowledge that there are different time zones. This game was design as a global game so it is sad that it is increasingly becoming local to the developer’s timezone and likely just some poor decision, so not a complain but helping the developer realise they are losing the great inclusive design they once had.

Why should I hold on to 3 FIP and daily battle till 4pm or have to wait the next day when someone in the favoured time zone has a much better experience? Try and think global rather than local if you can, honestly, it is not that difficult.

Also I don’t follow the type of people you are talking about that don’t question logic, so sorry you are on your own there.

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I still don’t understand your complains.
I don’t play three times a day because bosses restart at dawn, towers at eleven and supply drops at 7pm. Yet I play once a day and it doesn’t make a difference because if you play around the same time every day, you’re always getting refreshed drops, incubators and bosses.
Truth is, I’m not against everything refreshing at the same time but if Ludia tried to change something with the game it’ll only create more bugs that they probably won’t fix.


Some people play way way more than once a day.
What isn’t a problem for you, can be problem to someone else.

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