Please make the game more International time zone friendly

Everything in the map has 24 hrs to do or complete. Changing the times shouldn’t matter at all.

I was using an example but even if you play more times a day it doesn’t change what I said.
If you play every day around the same time(s) you won’t have a problem with refreshes.

You don’t get the point, some time zones (happens to be developer’s timezone) have the favourably gameplay like not having to hold back 3 FIP, daily battle incubator, etc till the task updates or wait till the next day to collect daily reward (why should certain timezones do that and others don’t?). This was not the case when the game started and just sloppy design and development as it has evolved and no one has pointed it out, I guess.

The point is make the game consistent and fair gameplay wise for all around the world. It may be working for you and not an issue, great but it doesn’t for me and nothing wrong telling the developer to wake-up and think global as they continue to develop the game.

Also as many have pointed out, we don’t play it at the same time every day unless you playing this game is your fulltime job/hobby. I work, so I would rather have that flexibility of someone in the developer’s timezone who starts the rewards at the start of their day and can complete it the same day. I may not be able to play until the evening the day after because life happens. Simple TBH.

My supply drops reset at 05:30 am and daily missions and strikes reset at 08:30 pm. And I am working too. But I find time during my free time or lunch time to do stuff.

If you can’t find ten or fifteen minutes during your free time, making the reset as you suggest doesn’t matter, it changes nothing. You can spin your supply drops while going and returning from work.

If you can’t find some time during your busy work nothing will change. No matter how things change.

So advice is find time between your work and free time. If you can’t, just stop playing the game. Find a game that suits your daily Calendar. Don’t forget you are not the only one who is working and still find time to play.

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Thanks! completely missed the point but guess it is pointless trying to explain and repeat to someone who feels superior on how people should adjust their world when the game can be consistent for all around the world. It is not even close to rocket-science like you make it sound. Have a nice work life!

I think you’re trying to gaslight them, and don’t particularly want to be part of this arguement, but they’re not trying to make it feel that they’re superior, they’re putting the person who feels superior in theri place

Not really, try and understand, will explain one last time: I specifically stated it affect me with FIP and other “Daily” tasks that I have to hold on to till my 4pm. FIP restarts at midnight and then other stuff like raids creatures at 7am (those don’t matter as you can invite anyone around the world for raids) then the “daily” resets at 4pm for me. Calling it “Daily” and then defending the feature that you are given 24hrs then just accepting poor standards and lazy design? Really? If it was a well thought through design then why not called “local time-zone 24hrs” task why still “daily” linking it to Daily->Day?

What response is that stating that you can flip supply stops on the way to work? Just lack of understanding how the game works with various task and it is not all 5mins a day visiting a stop. It is just some narrow local view of how they may understand how to play the game and not really understanding what I am requesting in making the game globally consistent. Gaslighting is stating how I can easily balance my work-game life instead. Very odd response TBH hence me questioning is it just to claim to have a superior work-life balance that they have nailed, that we are not capable of?

It is very easy for anyone that has a favoured time zone defend it as a “feature” by new design and that it doesn’t matter as it is 24hrs. It is just lazy design without realising the global consequences and still claiming it to be “Daily” tasks… :man_shrugging:

They never think about or coordinate timing of things… get ready for people to start complaining about collecting monthly tasks too early.

Monthly mission tasks reset today but pass doesn’t for 9 more days. So, if you are already done with the current pass and then collect the new monthly task rewards then you’ll waste 400 data points that you could have used towards upcoming pass.

It’s just careless to not have those two things timed together. So, don’t collect your monthly task rewards just yet if you’re already done with current pass.


Ditto, and most of us are not “complaining”, we are requesting or recommending. We have all invested so much time and money in the game we want a good (not even the best) and a fairer reasonably thought-through product and new monetisation features. Seen so many active players (who were all paying VIPs) in the last 2 alliances leave the game…

The dev team could really do with a break in being asked to add new feature (by management, finance and project manager) and focus on bug fixing that have accumulated over the year…

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Absolutely! Yes, ‘complaining’ isn’t the right word there maybe “alerting us” would have been better. Totally agree with your points.

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again … none of this matters … you have 24 hours to do it. At no point do you have to ‘hold onto FIPS’ or DBIS (PSST we all occasionally hold on to DBIs if you are in an alliance that is trying to maximize their weekly chests) unless you are managing the time you DO play very poorely. Literally, ALL games are based on the time zone they are developed in. This has occurred since the beginning of gaming … either go find a game developed by a Euro company, or hush your complaints.


The only thing that does bother me is the fact they run updates on days where there are 4 raid creatures out. Running an international alliance with people raiding over 8 timezones usually means we don’t raid or only part of us do as the update takes several hours where we in the EU can raid in our morning (midnight for US) and US in their afternoon /evening (our night in EU). Especially annoying for apex raids and our ability to assist on rare/epic/legendary/unique that day. Running the updates on days where there’s only one or two bosses out would help a lot.

Dont hold back 3 FIP’s
You have 24 hours.
Use them.
I dont get it

They have already realised this was an issue globally and now reduced the task from 3 to 1FIP task, so at least they are aware of this rushed design that didn’t consider the world time zones. Very easy when not having a diversity and inclusive thinking design team.

Appreciate you and other posting that it is not an issue (for them), don’t have the time to read the thread fully but the point is why some preferred time zone have to hold back one FIP, daily battle, etc in case we get the task whereas others have a better daily experience and collect on the same day. You must be playing very poorly designed games and got used to lower standards in life if you think this is norm for any time dependant games.

Repeating again, I don’t know what time I will have the next day because life and work happens. Pretty simple. Just a fact of life which seems to be very complex phenomenon for some of you to understand as guess it doesn’t affect you but please do try and think global rather than your local world, not difficult and the game was once very careful in design with such time dependant features and were very well thought through.

You don’t have to hold FIP’s though.
You have 24 hours.
I really don’t get it

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Nobody does.