Please more reality in the game

I understand that sometimes it is good to make some dinos a little stronger than they are, but look, raptors beating giant dinosaurs, like Rex, Spinosaurus, and even hybrids like Spinotasuchus and Indominus, in my view it is very boring and it is also the biggest weakness in the game. I think it is past time to level the dinos in the right way, just like JW Evolution. Who else agrees with me?

I somewhat agree. Standard raptor was (still us?) the fastest dino even over the special raptors (Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta) or other species (Pyroraptor, etc) and I win a lot of games with mine because it comes down to speed a lot and raptors are glass cannons. They get 1 or 2 hits maybe then normally die immediately afterwards. Now dinos like T-Rex being slower than half the long necked dinos and heavy armored dinos? That’s dumb and it goes without saying that A LOT of the carnivores could use a speed boost. My T-Rex usually loses 3/4 of his health before he can even attack, gets his attack in and if it doesn’t Crit and kill what I’m attacking he’s guaranteed to die next turn. Makes using carnivores pointless whereas certain ones like Baryonyx and spinotahraptor are way faster for some reason. The balnacing is really lopsided.

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Gonna say not really. Currently, if you want to looks at balance problems, look at resilient. The move is too common and does too much. Cunning is almost useless in this meta, and there aren’t enough fierce to say, but I’m ok with a boost for Rexy and other large carnivores myself


If this game was realistic, the raptors would beat almost nothing, and the sauropods would beat everything. That wouldn’t be much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is far from balanced, and some classes like the bleeders are underpowered. But you’re going to have some weirdness to have a balanced game, whether it means having paper beat rock or a pterosaur beat a sauropod.


Yeah if you want realism the JP/JW franchise is not the right one for you. Fiction creates a game that is more fun, at least could be fun. We can’t have raptors being useless and Rex/Sauropods killing everything. Plus Mortem would then be Dominating then.


Creatures are just stats and abilities given names for ease.


But in my opinion it would make the game much better. And like, sauropods could have another role instead of fighting. Because in fact, a sauropod is struggling. And man, I don’t see any problem with kidnappers being the weakest and carnivores like Indominus and herbivores like Ankyntrosaurus being the strongest.

Wouldn’t that restrict even further what creatures would be viable in the higher arenas? If all the strongest creatures are the largest carnivores and largest herbivores then we won’t have any useful pterosaurs, or raptors, ornithomimids, or rhinos, or mammoths, or anything else.


In my opinion this would greatly improve the game. Raptors like early dinosaurs along with pterosaurs and animals like Smylodon and Marsupial Lion, then rhinos and some herbivores and so on. In my view this would make the game 3x better.

Isn’t that basically the game rn.


Not rly, Gem and Max are hybrid monstrosities, remember?

Who are them?

you are playing a game with indominus rex can get killed by a rhino covered in fur. I don’t think this is realistic

Not even a little. Do you know anything worse? A Magnapyritor beats a Spinotasuchus or an Indominus. ; -;