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Please more rune info?


As many have said, it would be great to see exactly how many runes I have. I know the full number won’t fit in the box at the top of the screen, but it would be great if you could click on it to get an exact number (like you can for your experience to see how much you need to level up). I think along with this it would be WONDERFUL if there was a list showing your earned runes and how, as my husband and I have both had issues with a small percentage of the TapJoy opportunities not seeming to pay out. (Some of them take a while to pay you.) It would be nice to be able to see if you actually earned the runes you were going for. A simple list when you click on your runes would be awesome. (I.e. 20 runes in quests, 450 runes playing Bingo Blast, 66 runes completing Where’s Baldo etc…)


I absolutely agree. Being able to get an exact number of runes is a must.

Lisa - as for the TapJoy opportunities, you can check the Rewards Status by pressing options in the upper left corner. They are clearly showed there and divided into „Rewarded” and „Not rewarded” (

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