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Please more snow and reef hybrids

Snow and reef creatures only have one hybrid with smithoceras and Leptostega so it’s time they should add new ones.

Reef :
Kronodus = kronosaurus level 40 + suchodus level 40
6640 health
2930 attack

Pliodestus = pliosaurus level 40 + edestus level 40
8230 health
2390 attack

Plesiocromerum = plesiosaurus level 40+ Trinacromerum level 40
7950 health
1870 attack

Umoonarynchops = umoonasaurus level 40 + dolichorynchops level 40
6480 health
2650 attack

Snow :
Uintahtodus = Uintahtherium level 40 + arctodus level 40
5890 health
2890 attack

Thylacodon = marsupial lion level 40 + Diprotodon level 40
3230 health
2340 attack

Rhinotherium = wolly rhino level + Deinotherium level 40
4180 health
2460 attack


I know @Aether_12 would love this thread. THose are all cool ideas mate…

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I do think these are great ideas however those stats need a massive rethink, far too weak for tourney hybrids.

If you think in comparison to dunkleosaur which has around near 7k health and over 3k attack at level 40

Yes i will do that

Mauicoprion (Mauisaurus+Helicoprion)
Hauffiopristis (Hauffiosaurus+Onchopristis)

To be honest, Ludia has been adding aquatic hybrids like Lischistodon and Geolasmasaurus because we DEFINITELY need more of them. After we have a suitable amount of them, Ludia will go for Cenzoic hybrids, same for the aquatics. Then they will strenghten the land superhybrids then look at aquatics and cenzoics

From your mouth to Ludia’s ear!

I wouldn’t mind an unlock for arctodus and edestus to accompany the hybrids.

Edestus had numerous unlock events by now i mean after bananogmius it had the most retuning ones. As for arctodus well it’s hard to get for new players but most players have it maxed including me. I’ve quickly maxed it out before it became a tournament creature

I’ve been around since Sept 2019 so not exactly a new player, but I haven’t had the unlocks…

Arctodus has not had an unlock since the Cenozoic reshuffle; prior to that it was last available 6/24/19.

Edestus was most recently the Heavyweight prize in the 4/27/20 bracketed tournament. It also had a Clash of Titans in December 2019.


Trinacosaurus, Styxosaurus lvl 40 and Trinacomerum lvl 40
Corythestus, Edestus lvl 40 and corythosaurus lvl 40

I agree, the reefs have practically nothing! besides, it is my favorite class of sailors!