Please more variety for future tournaments

We’ve said it, but I thought I should create a thread for this… Please, treat your tournaments a little better. For the next ones, enough with the epics! And I’m saying that even though I leveled up and even boosted some of my epic creatures. But it’s simply been SIX straight weeks of that! Enough already… That’s one and a half month of stupid Rhinos coming and going. Freaking thing is starting to show up charging in my dreams… Btw, nerfing Monolorhino’s damage was a good call… Not nerfing epic Rhino’s damage… not a good call…


Bring us common tournament, Ludia. Enough of Rhino tournament!


Yes it’s boring, rhino rhino :rhinoceros:
And as you sait 6 weeks of epics fights …

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It’d be nice if we could have tournaments with similar rules to trials. We could have quite a bit of variety and it doesn’t have to just be constrained to rarity and hybrid/non-hybrid status

Remember when we called to nerf Procerat and they nerfed Proceratosaurus instead? Now the same thing happened with the Rhinos

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Well that means we shouldn’t need to wait much longer

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Definitely need more variety and not just based on rarity or hybrids/no hybrids.