Please nerf argentaryx

Argenteryx is very overpowered and is in need of a nerf. The best nerf I could think of for it is removing its fearless alert move and replacing it with fearless flap.

It already got nerfed. The problem is flocks are just op in general. Thats why we keep getting counters and group moves like roar and super distraction

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I personally think it needs another nerf

It’s strong but it’s not invincible things like Skoona, Ankylomoloch, Coelhaast, antarctopelta and even megalotops easily kill it


Fearless alert should not be removed something that does need nerfing is alert and definite alert frenzy, first of all it only has a cooldown of 2 and it can rally even if only 1 flock member is down and it even increases speed by not 10% or 15% or even 20% it increases speed by 30%! Sure it has a delay of 1 but that becomes useless after you’ve used it once.

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Either Teryx needs a nerf or a bunch of non-flock cunnings and resilients need buffing. Teryx outclasses all pure cunnings in its rarity because it has so much more bulk, output, and synergy than any cunning of the rarity has or should have, to the point where it beats many resilients. Another way to nerf it is adding a “bypass absorb” effect to Resilient and Superiority moves, allowing resilients to be able the beat the creatures they should be beating, much easier.

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idk tryx is kinda fine and i only see it in tourneys

exept this one time a faced a lv 21 boosted to the sky one in aviary

I think 1 of the Rampages needs to become an Impact

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Learn to counter it. It has been toned down a couple of months ago and there are plenty good counters to use in tournaments, like Dreadnoughtus for instance.


Finally a nerf thread that I somewhat understand lol.
I’d say remove the on escape heal and change the evasive rampage to evasive impact

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Meh, even with all the counters it was the biggest wincon last tourney. Counters such as lodic, dread, diplod didn’t always win either, diplod couldn’t h2h teryx if teryx has ER up, lodic needs 3k hp to win, and dread loses to a crit. This is assuming they even stay in and don’t just hit you once and swap

I think that’s unnecessary, I would like to have a cunning that does not get swap ranged after an attack or two for once. All it really needs is less hp, 1250 per flock is really dumb with dodge and distraction combined


Honestly I don’t think arhentryx is a big problem anymore since it’s get nerfed more and more by powercreep

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