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Please nerf Compy and Dodo

Whenever I face a compy for Dodo they are so hard to take down cause they get to heal please remove there healing attack


I’ll be winning then he’ll take out a compy or Dodo and he will do an attack and after I attack him he’ll heal so that turn didn’t even matter its so annoying

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They’re not op


Well I feel like they are

Try to use high armor and group attack


This is my team right now and I don’t think they have group attacks

I think they just need to add more group attacks to the game, there really aren’t a lot.


You have Dodocevia on your team, but your asking for a nerf to Compy and Dodo?? Not trying to be rude, but it seems a little hypocritical to be asking for a nerf to something that you are also using on your own team, a flock creature.


Yeah but he’s only level 16 I might swap him out for something better if I can’t get him higher

Sorry wrong photo this is my team as of now

You’re right, but there also needs to be more group attacks in the epic rarity specifically, they’re pretty scarce rn


I completely agree, we need more group attacks, especially because we have even more flock creatures on the way.


Oh look another nerf post :roll_eyes:

Why am I not surprised


Well I live in a small town and it’s hard to get a lot of creatures so it takes longer to get better dinos

Just stop asking for nerfs all together that’s why we’re in a meta change and I’m not being rude but your lower level. There are people who spent hours grinding getting those to 30 and your saying nerf it. They have many counters. They are not OP if you could have them on your team you would that’s what’s wrong with this game people scream nerf when they don’t have it and then get beat by it. Download the field guide it’s free and start looking at what Dino’s counter it which are a lot and especially after the update tm.


Generally speaking, there is a place for nerfs. If one dino is truly above its peers, then it’s far easier, efficient and less risky to nerf one dino than buff 50. But it doesn’t mean nerfs are always the best solution. In this case, I think they just need more counters. Other times, counters would have to be so good themselves that you just end up with two dinos above the rest instead of just 1, so nerfing is again better.


Just popping in to remind everyone to be respectful of other users, even if you don’t share the same opinion :sauropod:


How was my post even rude or abusive?

Well, until SRG3 is nerfed, which I’m sure they’ll do at some point, I’ll use it and abuse it. It helps to put my little 21 team up into Avairy to get a little extra monthly DNA. Then I play other creatures and go back down to the Estates and hang around 4300.

Actually both Scorpius’s do well for me. I like the little piglet too. I’m at 4491 and just need one win to hit Aviary for the month. Then I have fun with the rest of my 169 team level 20-22 creatures.



Use bleed, shields or armour, group attacks are effective but Suchotator is very effective against them.