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Please nerf Compy

In the tournament compy has in my opinion performed a little too well. There are incredibly Few 1v1s that it loses and it’s ability to heal and regenerate compys is too easy. Compy also can’t be stunned and is very fast making it also a pain. It’s also 66% resistant to damage decreasing, basically what I’m getting at is that the compy has way too many/strong immunities and a kit that makes it practically invincible. Tourney battles are taking like 15 minutes because of the compy and other flock dinos which is not fun at all. Bleed doesn’t even work because compy has cleansing and also can just swap out or make a new compy and tank another bleed. What are your guys thoughts?


Carnotarkus,anything with Group before it(exception:heals) counters compy.
Get creatures like those.


Okay at this point these threads are getting really annoying. You didnt even provide a solution to your problem, which is the problem with most of these nerf threads. You at least mentioned why it is a problem in some detail, which at lot of nerf threads dont do other then saying it is “op”.


Bleed, group moves, and tanks I think work well against it. Really don’t see why it needs to be nerfed even with your points listed. Always has been easy to kill, tried to use creatures at the same level as compies whenever it was in a strike tower and was usually easily taken out by creatures with the “moves” listed before, never worked out 100% of the time but usually those worked out.


I get your point, If it were me I might take away the compys rend resistance, then decrease stun immunity to say 50%, i would make the alert scurry have a 1 turn delay and finally make alert swarm only work when compy is at 50% or more health

The point is in tournament it is too strong, have you faced up against one in the tournament yet? If it was easy to defeat, how did you do it?

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I think we can help you in this tournament to deal with the compies. The way we can help you is if you show us your tournament team that you are using. Then we can provide counters for the compies.

This is my current team but I’ve been switching it up a lot, thinking about cutting dodo for carnotarkus but when I used it before it was countered easily.

I posted a pic, for some reason it was not a reply so I dunno if you can see it or not

I’ve faced a couple compies. Diplod works well. Poukai’s fearless flap is a group move and the creature itself also works at taking them out. Phorusaura also works.

With what qiew said, rajakylo, eremoceros, alankylosaurus, and thlyacotator help you with dealing with compies.

One large factor is that you can swap compy out, then swap it back in and get a dodge and heal. Even though phosphura can do well the compy can swap out then in and tank the hut leaving 2 compys. Then the compy uses the rampage and heal move to gain back another compy and most likely kill the phosphura. Diplo does work well. The bird is not the best because it is not good against almost all meta dinos, a lot of stuff destroys it so the using it just to hope you gave a compy probably isn’t the best. When I face it I just swap out and kill it. Then my compy gets a free swap in heal dodge.

Compy beats Thylo unfortunately, even though it would probably die doing so it could also just swap to one of a million different swap in dinos that have stun and faster speed.

Also the issue with all those is that they aren’t very good against the majority of the other dinos in the meta so trying to cater to one Dino, the compy ends up hurting your team when you don’t face one, you know?

Mammotherium is a counter to compies. Eremoceros is good outside of compies. Thlya helps against compies not defeat them outright. Thlya can be paired up with woolly rhino to kill the compies.

Yes, I can’t believe I forgot to say that, it is a counter and counters many dinos, I have it on my team because of this, it just takes like 3 minutes to beat the compy with mammo and if the opponent has swap in your screwed

Wow a nerfing post based on the performance of Compy in a tournament. Did not see that coming :roll_eyes:


I played the Dodo’s and Compy’s. It’s a nice change. They are horrible if you go up against other dodgers and creatures with shields, heals or armor. You just have to adjust your teams to have counters.

Playing two accounts simultaneously, I won on both accounts using flocks, Poukadia’s and Eremoceros’s 3 straight battles each… fast thinking and fast fingers. Got my 10 take downs. The one account I won 4 strait. I lost bad on one because the team I played had flock counters.


Well my thylacotator took down both dodo and compy simultaneously in the tournament.
(swapped in woolly rhino once though, i guess can’t remember properly)

group attacks work well I would use your legendary bird with the instant rampage (cant remember the name) just go for instant rampage the rampage and run swap it in and go instant rampage again then go from there.