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Please nerf dracoceratops!

I got the problem that i have fight against a dracocera with 5032 HP, 2046 dmg, Speed 116

I cant kill this stupid dino, because of his stupid stun or this stupid regeneration…

I have many uniques dino with lvl 25-28 and boosts lvl 6 but nonone can kill this dracoceratop by onehit.

Very annoying that such a “legendary” dino is the best in the game…

Please nerf Dracoceratop an give him -1000 HP, or delete his stupid regeneration… many many players

would be happy.


it just got a nerf :slight_smile: wait like 2-3 months for the next update

I don’t know what the purpose of having 2 turn lockdown is while giving it acute stun and regeneration.
I don’t use it in the arena, but used once in the tournament where legendaries were allowed.
This is what I met in the tournament before 1.8.


Why would you only have 116 speed… 135 is a lot more useable…


Amen i hope this will be happen

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There are counters mentioned infinite times now. Waiting 2 months for a nerf that might not happen is crazy. You’ll need plan B. Or your own equally good DC.

I agree with the speed thing. Mines not that fast though. Definetly concentrating on Erlidom needs lvl 29 soon to kill tier 7 DC.


I say they just give him swap in kill, accute kill, regen and kill, and finally minimal speed up and kill


Hope not. Draco is there to force people to stop using Tryko, Thor, Erlidom and use Shields again instead of thinking they are useless. Alankylo blocks Dracoceratops nicely.

I’d love people using shields to provide more variety…and also as a Draco counter (that alanky better outspeed the Draco or it’ll get rampaged)… but most things with shields get crushed by Thor, tryko, tenonto

Yeah Dc can be very painful, do you have erlidom, erlikospyx, postosuchus, smilocephalo or smilonemys on your team? If you do then boost TF out of one of them because all 5 (I think) can one shot DC guaranteed (pretty sure smilonemys has precise pounce and 1500 base damage).

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Only problem with smiloceph and smilonemys is that they need to be equal level and boosts to 1 shot DC on top of being difficult to obtain do to their ingredients.

Another counter, more like revenge killer, surprisingly is utasino. With the buff to crit impact, equal lv and boosts, utah deals lethal turn 1.

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Honestly, all it needs is that regeneration removed, or at least the ability to remove the lock.

If a dino is locked down for 2 turns, it should BE 2 turns.


We have asked, begged, threatened, pleaded… And only scraps were given.

They’ll nerf it when they nerf it… Which will be when the most players as possible will have this stupid thing at level 30, fully boosted… And then they’ll make a Unique and give it the SIA, so everybody has to level that up and boost it all over again.

Until then, these are Ludia devs every time these topics are made


So I think it is wiser to use counters rather than using the Rat.
Nerfing the Rat then creating another unique having the same move does not affect counter users, it only affects Rat users.

Unless they make its unique with something armored… or immunity… either one takes out a large pool of potential counters or dinos that can one shot it. Plus the buff to proce makes dracocers even more valuable.

Delay 1 on the regeneration would make perfect sense. What creature needs regeneration first turn?

nerf boosts and matchmaker… so draco will be fine.

i also couldn’t kill this “stupid” dinos, using draco or not:

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2 fights in a row I’ve gone agains teams in the 25-27 range. Both teams had a heavily boosted rat. Even with smiloceph, I can’t do a thing about it. That in itself is frustrating.

As a Ceratopsian base they could use “Swap in Stunning Strike” instead of rampage. Still annoying but not a 2x overkill.