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Please nerf immobile

Ludia please consider reducing number of turns immobile is in effect. It’s incredibly frustrating. Please respond to this topic if you feel the same.

Lots of things are frustrating in battle, playing teams that are unbalanced for one, glitches that cause you to lose another. immobile is too but there are a handful of other skills equally frustrating. .

Since you cannot pick your team and not all characters have the ability to restore, and if you are given melee and opponent has range( which happens more frequently than one would think)and you become immobilized, go get a coffee and wait for the next battle.

Sometimes a battle is simply a losing proposition from the moment it starts.

For all I disliked about Warrior draft, what I did enjoy, was that the teams were balanced and it came down to quick decision making and strategy. I won 17 of 18 whereas with regular battles that’s not possible.
Strategy is meaningful in draft as the power of each team is essentially equal, not much strategy in regular battles, when your team is being destroyed in 2 attacks.

Just lost 7 battles in a row, test of might( and they weren’t close), something wrong with the balancing in those events.
I’m 150 globally and 7 in a row(all different opponents), something wrong with that math too.

I agree with Khmer. I really liked the Warrior Draft for the same reason.

It seems that such a concept could be implemented in normal battle as well - perhaps each team gets two (or even three) warriors randomly assigned, gets to see their own and the other team, and can pick the last 1 or 2 off of his or her bench?

Well, I think a little differently.
Wizard’s is fine, but I think Bard’s should be nerfed. The best way is that let me roll the dice(saving throw) for the duration.
Also, once immobilized, they should not be pushed or pulled.