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Please nerf monolorhino it is too broken

Normally i would say ceramagnus is worse for the game, but monolorhino specifically, i feel, is a bigger problem. This is mainly because of its unnecessary resistances and its ability to break shields. Why does monolorhino have such an amazing swap in attack with such good damage, and yet it has all the resistances that makes it borderline immune to everything in the game? It has shields, it has distraction resistance, it has swap prevention immunity, rend resistance. And it even has speed resistance!

Come on I can’t be the only one that thinks this thing is broken.


I feel like the community (or the forum at least) is kinda split into 3 parts on this

Theres people like me who think it’s fine, it’s swap in isn’t the most devestating thing ever, it can be decelerated just enough and it can still be at least partly distracted, which just ruins it’s already pretty awfull offence

If u realy wanna nerf it i’d lower the rend and bleed resist cause i don’t think a tank should have them

(I’m gonna say this just in case, with the next one i don’t wanna ne offensive in any way)

Then i feel like a lot of newer players spesificly say that mrhino actualy needs a buff, cause of how pretty underwhelming it sounds on paper.

And then here there theres gonna be higher lvl players which say it needs a nerf(i see it could be realy hard to counter with tons of boosts)

So imo it’s fine, it’s offence is just enough to make it not trash

Tho if overboosted i could defenetly see people having problems with it, then i’d sugest a nerf in resistances but a buff in other areas

And i’m not even gonna touch upon why magnus is worse then mrhino…


Mrhino is fine. It’s balanced by the fact that it’s attack stat is garbage and only has 1 1x5 multiplier. It also can’t cleanse distraction and it has no speed control. Nerfing the resistances would mean buffing it’s attack, which would arguably make it much better. It’s best to leave it as it is.


Excuse me
Ceramagnus is the definition of broken, highest damage of any swap
With the extra of having top tier h2h. Not only that but the raid is easy.
Monolorhino has less damage, and is a good stall.
If you want any swapper nerfed it should be magnus


Cera is broken, Monolorhino no, you should use a better strategy to defeat it


The rhino’s damage is pitiful, both on swap-in and generally. And I’m struggling to think of another dino that has such a poor offensive move-set, let alone amongst uniques.

I don’t really fancy even bringing it into my team until it’s hitting for 1500.

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It’s still one of the best, if not THE best unique in the game. With creatures like tryko falling off every day, monolorhino keeps getting stronger

monolorhino is a hybrid of 2 powerful creatures it is also a unique one which is not very easy to have without an exclusive event it doesn’t need a nerf or a buff

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Personally I feel it needs a buff and a nerf, the problem with monolorhino is that it has a high damaging swap in, basically immune, but a pretty bad offense and defensive. I feel it should have it’s resistances toned down like the rend and bleed, but give it a deaccelerating bellow (because at the moment it has absolutely no speed control) and an instant invincibility because W rhino has invincibility.

Monolorhino is an underpowered unique with a pitiful swap in. If you put boosts in it, it can become a pedestrian unique with a devastating swap in.

I have no idea why you all keep saying its underpowered. This thing is overpowered, you all probably have it at level 21- 26 or little to no boosts because its a huge problem in the higher arenas. There is a reason why every top player has it on their team. A level 23 monolorhino is not the same as a level 30 hitting for 2k+ damage and has borderline immunity to almost everything.

Everyone complains about monolometredon this thing is much much worse.


The best of far from it :joy:. If anything skoona now holds that title. Even with the swap in meta the green rat and magnus do much better at least in terms of damage.

Also tryko is certainly it being dropped off like magna or spxs and such it still very widely used and considering the new cunning apex it will still have a purpose. How ever the apex’s are certainly now taking over.

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It already has two shielding moves, It’s fine as is.

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The swap meta got worse because DCpro is now a force to fear

Ya but still can be dealt with even then especially after it swaps in since it really can’t do much except cleanse or strike, it can stun but it just lets the opponent set up. Still I don’t think we needed another immune to slow swapper.

Eh I think the buff was warranted. Swap in savagery isn’t that good in a meta dominated by resilients and it can’t piece armor/ is vulnerable to stun. The buffs at least make it relevant and on par with its legendary parent.

Yep. Being to swap in and take away 3100 hp isn’t that great. Savagery isn’t as good as stunning strike, but there is a reason why people use DC

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Exactly. And now there is a reason to use DCPro now that it isn’t completly overshadowed by DC.

At least the SISavagery can’t pierce armor or stun, it’s much easier to deal with because of that.

Nerf mrhino, magnus. And the draco hybrids. Thats just how it is. The swap in meta is broken and theres no way to fix it

Eh Magnus is the one that needs the adjustment, the rest are fine. We just need more on escape moves.