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Please nerf monolorhino it is too broken

Give Mangus, Mrhino, and Wrhino swap in headbutt to tone down their swap in damage. Dracos Savagery is about as balanced as it’s going to get, but they need to lose their cleansing impacts for cleansing strikes and be fully capable of being swap prevented.

If ALL swap ins need to be addressed, I would make it so that both players can see their opponents entire team at the start of a match, so you can know if they have a swap in dino (and which one) and you can plan your strategy around them instead of being blindsided by a massive SIA. In exchange, automatic swap abilities should let you choose which dino you swap to instead of having it automatically be the next dino to the right. That means your opponent doesn’t know for sure which dino you’ll swap to, and it makes swapping strategies less dependent on RNG as a whole.


Please don’t tell me this thing is fair. Its not. You can’t even stop it from swapping out and it has 50% rend resistance. At least you can make ceramagnus stay. And it has distraction resistance too for some reason i still don’t know why. And speed resistance.

Draco hybrids could just get a delay on cleansing impact

Because whenever they cannot defeat a creature, certain people complain, Monolorhino is fine, they even lowered his attack a few updates ago, Tenontorex and Trykosaurio are 2 of those who easily kill the Monolorhino.


Easy because it part dimetrodon, cause it has only strike and 1 impact, and because it’s hard to make.

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Honestly, molorhino is still fragile. It has resistances but it hardly matters.

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I agree it’s unfair you had to fight that in such a low arena. But I assure you that once you get to the higher arenas it would not be so difficult to handle.

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I still believe Monolorhino needs adjustments on its resistances.

One thing that I do find odd is that Monolorhino has 30% armor when Wooly Rhino has 10% and Monolometrodon has none


And here I am, who doesn’t want to create Monolorhin because I still think he’s too weak… :sweat_smile:

Without a joke, I have no problem with him, a high-level M. Rhino has a strong swap-in ability, of course, but if he doesn’t kill my dino, he can’t do almost anything else.

However, as many have said, there are much bigger problems with Ceramagnus… ~

Monolorhino has already been nerfed recently and the continuing calling out for nerfs is so tiresome now.

It swaps in with damage that’s nowhere near as high as Cera, it doesn’t have a rampage move, it’s damage output is rubbish.

To say it’s op is ridiculous, it will struggle vs anything that breaks shields, and it’s a very situational unique.


Exactly … he has an impact ability in all, but it’s also in the second round. He has very little damage to normal combat.

Edit: He isn’t good againts cunning creatures either, because he hasn’t resilience strike or anything like that.

I don’t really see why everyone think this thing needs a nerf, only use I see it has in pvp is the swap in, and once it uses that its pretty bad, can usually take it out with spyx with constant distraction, and its great because it can’t slow anything down