Please nerf paratops swap-in damage

This things swap-in damage is insane,2.8k.this thing needs to have a change. To its swap in where it only deals 0.75% of damage,for those people who say its balanced,its not.please tell me it u think its balanced when your ref with 3k health gets taken out by this thing


Make sure to include Albertocevia too.

Both these things need a nerf to their damage and resistances.


Remove the swap in and change its playstyle, we don’t need more swappers


Nope,that’s like removing ceras swap in when out was still viable.the damage needs a toning frown,not removed entirely

Even removing Alberto’s swap in will still make it high tyrant because of instant ferocious revenge

I said nerf its damage, though I would absolutely love for every swapper to lose its SIA.
Nerf Parats damage by 150, remove bleed resistance, and nerf Alberats damage by 350 and change one or two of its resistances and it’ll be fine.


That has the potential to ruin some strats,bleed resistance is fine,Alberats damage getting nerfed by 350 is too much,maybe like a 150 and removing the counter and rend resistance

No, even nerfing its damage by 350 will allow it to have a 2600+ SIA when max boosted. Still waaaaaay too much IMO. But more tolerable.

My suggested nerfs are perfectly fine.

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It’s has 2370 damage max boosted,a decrease of 638 attack,this nerfs is so massive

Still too much damage for a swap in. That’s a ⅓ the health for most creatures. The instant ferocious attack will still be over 3k.

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The thing about cera is that it makes sense, other ceratopsians have swap ins so it can do

Prathops on the other hand has no relations to other swappers, like none of it’s components have swap ins, it would just make more sense for parat to switch its playstyle


Honestly both Albertocevia and Para don’t need swap in damage…


I can live with at least one keeping a swap in, but I’d rather both of them have theirs removed. They’re revenge killers, they don’t need a swap in. If anything they’d not only benefit more from an On Escape, but they’d be less annoying too. I also want Parathops to lose a heal for something like Group Cleansing Destroyer, because using it in battle is super boring, but everyone’s already used to getting carried by it in raids so that idea’s kinda out of the window. For Cevia, get the swap in out, tone down the stats a tiny bit, remove priority and delay from IFR, and give priority and delay to DRB at the cost of 25% less distract in revenge state.


in my opinion it doesn’t need a nerf … it would be enough to make useful other dinosaurs that have received nerf and are no longer usable … and still stop complaining every time asking for the dinosaur nerfs … otherwise we find ourselves investing every time in a dinosaur which then becomes useless


Above 5k actually. Instant ferocious impact is a really stupid thing and should never have been added


Are we still on this? Not needed.


Yes, its needed.


It’s needed


No it isn’t. ParaT is fine as is. Learn how to beat it. Or make yours better.


It is not fine as is.