Please nerf paratops swap-in damage

It is. And it needs to stay the way it is. Get off it already. Stop with the nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf. Learn. How. To. Beat. It!! End of discussion.


Something that has 3 heals, can swap in for 2800+ and does not die is not balanced. Its broken. It has very few counters. And if you do bring a counter out, they’ll just swap to something else so it can SWAP in for another 2800 damage.

Its broken.


ah yes instead of addressing the problem why don’t we just live with it makes more sense


“Aw man, the foe swapped to Parasauthops and killed my Troodoboa by ripping through a 3rd of its health despite my On Escape. I guess I just need to get better at the game.”


Nobody asking it to nerf it as a whole.
It’s the 2.8k swap-in damage (just imagine if the enemy creature is already made vulnerable during swap-in, it will finish it off just by swapping in even with low hp), that needs to be toned down.


Just putting this back out here, again, because I think it’s a completely viable alternative.


Funny that everyone who thinks paratops is balanced thinks tarbog is. More op that Rexy


The only reason ceratopsians got the swap. In was because they got monomimus nerf which attack/health/speed and move nerfs,cera wasnt part of these nerfs

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Oops I forgot albertocevia is cunning fierce

leave parasauthops alone. it is not OP, the thing is sloooow and its ideally for raids. the swap in strike is needed because all it does is heal and hit and dies/heals to die, at least the swap in makes it usable in pvp. look at tuoramoloch, useless in pvp.

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Don’t change its heals, that would mess up a ton of raids

Tuo doesn’t have three heals (or 2 that are massive) and a rampage on top of being a rat.
I’m sure if it had a rampage with its 2700 max damage, more people would use it.

Either remove Parats swap in, or lower its damage significantly.


Completely ignoring its rampage while saying the heal is all it does,so,is the swap-in necessary for a raid?

the swap in is essential for pvp. the rampage cannot be used when you swap in… its too slow and dying when it gets its rampage ready

Something that can heal over half its health can’t survive until it scant rampage,very believable


Its a revenge rampage, bring it in as soon as a creature dies and you can use it 🤦🏻‍♀

It can heal enough to last until that rampage also. Unless it just gets one shot by a Morty, thor, or beefed up Albarat.

It can have over 7k health, it can survive.


My latest reworks for removing Para and Cevia’s swap ins along with rebalancing them. I know the Para rework messes with raids, but everyone who’s used Parathops knows how boring it is, not only to fight, but to use. It’s just getting a free swap kill before cycling through heals and a single rampage, so I wanted to change that.

Edit: Made a few changes to the Cevia rework.

Remove the stun immunity from Celia,remove the distracting revenge because a pure fierce should not have that,make IFR similar to hostile glow so that your attack will be buffed for that turn only and it is a team buff

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I want to keep the stun immunity simply because 75% stun resistance is way too RNG dependant and is just insulting to the player that got stunned when RNG does come into play. As for the distracting move, I want to keep that as I see Albertocevia as an incorrectly classed Cunning/Fierce, but forgot to change the class in the rework. For the ferocity move, that’s a change I have been considering and might add.

There are a lot things incorrectly classed,like hydra which should be a cunning fierce,but until Ludia says that Cevia will now be a cunning/fierce it should not keep the distract abilty