Please nerf quezorion

With the dodge ability mixed with taunting shield I can’t really do any good damage and by the time I kill it my whole team is dead so please nerf

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It doesn’t need a nerf. It needs a slight buff if anything.
Try using something with stun, like thor, or tryko does the trick


Stun and Slow are it’s achilles heel, also anything fierce that’s strong enough can brute force it or put a serious dent in it.


I believe Magna is a good counter for Zorion.

She can remove dodge and break shields.


Diorajasaur, Tenontorex, Trykosaurus, and anything with a Nullifying ability can take Quetzorion down.


ok everyone agrees that this has to be a troll post? right? if Quetzorion needs something is a little buff


Legit, it takes pretty much full damage from fierce at all times since it has no distraction effects and its dodge does no damage. It is mainly ment to take on cunning class creatures with its speed, rampage and shield.

It’s vulnerable to slow, some armor, and big damage. Slow it down and don’t let up on the damage.


Zorion counters Magna, but Magna can still get Zorion to half health.

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If you really need a counter, grab Thor. He destroys Quetzorion with ease. Anything with a counter attack as does well due to the shield only working for 2 attacks. Heck Quetzorion can beat itself. Antarctovenator also beats it. Trex could probably beat it. Any chomper really just crunches Quetzorion, or most swap ins (if you swap into Quetz that is). Decel is a big help, vulnerability is a great tool for extra damage. Overall, if you have a counter for Quetzorion, it usually can shut it down. Quetz needs a buff, not a nerf. If you’re having problems with it, add a chomper or 2. They love a tasty side of Orion stew.


But Orion is faster when both creatures are unboosted and are at the same level

I haven’t had any issue with Zorion. Not at where I am - Aviary. Based on my observations Zorion is not that so useful in the top Arenas. Most top players do not have her in their teams.

Mine is L30 for ages now and is warming the bench…

I do agree that without boosts scenario changes, yes. But as far as I am concerned, if we are talking about being competitive in the Arenas, most players boost their team. Without boost, most creatures are either too frail or deals low damage.

As pointed out above, I have no issues with Zorion thus far with my max boosted Magna. Still useful in mid Arenas. Though her viability is questionable in the upper Arenas.

Yes. Quetzorion is very good in Aviary due to the major of creatures there being countered by Quetzorion. But higher up Quetz falls quickly. Also I was talking unboosted, but if Quetzorion is faster, it usually can beat magna.


Why if anything quetzorion needs a buff not a nerf :moyai:

I’m in mid Gyro and 1v1 My Zorion will destroy your Magna.

That being said, she is super situational and has so many counters. Last night alone her lack of vulnerable resist nearly cost me a match when a disgusting Cerat swapped in and did a 4400+ critical on it. 🤦🏻‍♀

Nooooo. If anything, she needs a small buff.
Unless mine gets lucky with a crit, Tryko, Magna and even Scorp3 (if used well) defeat her. Dio can beat her from time to time, if well played. Ceramagnus can also defeat her if the mind games work in Magnus’ favour. And Hadros tears her apart. Thor can also defeat her (though a poorly health boosted Thor can lose to a crit on Quetz’s rampage, but that’s probably more geared towards nitro-Thors).


If anything quezt needs a buff. Its a good creature. some good counters to it are thor, tryko , gemini, maxima, and possibly skoona

quetz doesn’t need a nerf, quetz needs a buff XD


Since you most of you want a quezt buff what do you think of this

all it is are some simple resistance buffs a better sidestep and a attacking counter

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A better sidestep is kinda questionable. That 100% chance is nice on Sidestep. Also is doesn’t need stun resistance, its supposed to be countered by Stun. MNC is nice. Uping the Pin resistance is pretty good as well.