Please Nerf

…the spawn rate of Suchomimus.

And Irritator G2 as well. And Eini and Majunga and Nunda and Diplo.

It is good to see less Iguanodons and Ophiacodons now.

Since 1.5, I have encountered Stegosaurus about 4-5 times and Triceratops about 2-3 times. Which is a very good move. The promise to increase the spawn rate of Triceratops G2 and Draco G2 seems empty as well.

In essence, please nerf the spawn rates of all dinos - so we players will not have to worry about coins to level up dinos, and will not worry about spending real money to buy cash and coins.

Players may still buy incubs from the store for DNAs. It will definitely be an excellent business model on how to make money fast…

Thank you.



Just means they are Going to be fusable soon.

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This is too much Suchomimus



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I was thinking about this the other day. Why can’t they just increase the rotation of the types of dinos in the spawn location? Why is it always the same dino like all day. It should go through all the dinos in that zone randomly and increase the amount of times it de/re spawns… this hypothetically should increase variety.

I think that spawns in general are one of the more broken and unfriendly aspects of JWA.

They really should look into weekly or bi-weekly entire zone rotations.

They should also implement the “different colored drops for each zone” ideas from player suggestions. This alone would make the entire game a more player friendly and less frustrating game experience for pretty much everyone.

We would always know what zone we are in at all times, and would always know where we need to go to catch X. Something like this is common sense and the game should have definitely launched with this feature in place already.

I wont even touch on the worst feature of JWA, and that is the totally unfair day only epic spawns. Who are almost all high demand, much needed dinos.


Would like a serious answer here.

If i roll into work at 7am and i get home and settled in around 5pm. How does that leave me any time to catch the day only epics? 30 min on lunch? Just rely on the weekend?

If it wasnt for SE dinos, I wouldnt know what to do.

Shame that Erliki cannot work and play with other dinos at the Special Events, im still nowhere close to Erlidom

I get free time after dinner to go out and dart for hours, but my exclusive night drops are pure ass…

Really? 4 useless exclusive rare spawns for the night crowd? None of which even have a hybrid? That is unacceptable!

Swap Kentro with Concavenator, let Covey be the day only for zone 1 and let Kentro spawn anytime.

Swap Pyro with Secondo for zone 2.

Swap Erliki with Spinosaurus for zone 3.

Swap Anky with Koolasuckus for zone 4.

Also, giving the night players something other then a slap in the face for their exclusive night spawns would be wonderful. How about some epics for those players?


If they gave us the dinos we want then there would be no need for us to spend money. Sooner or later your players will get frustrated and leave the game. Keep being cheap with spawns and soon they’ll have no money or players.

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Hey we must be from the same place :joy:


:point_right: boi
And I couldn’t find a sideways one

Must be nice seeing Sucho. I am lucky if I can hunt for it one day a week due to my job and being a third shift worker and being no where near its spawn.

Epic spawns are trash

Its allways like this…only nonfusion spawn

I wish I had that many available suchomimus.

We really need better rotation, area indicators (delineated local areas) and a scanner would be awesome.

Losing the scanner in PoGo is what pushed me to JWA. Without a scanner, it was just random luck that got you good creatures. JWA had a bigger viewing area, but that is now so yesterday.

I long for the days of knowing where the valuable creatures are, as many of us don’t live in large urban areas, with the ability to ride public transportation and gather huge amounts of varied DNA. I’ve had that opportunity, it’s borderline cheating. Definitely a superior advantage.

We need scanners.

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One thing I don’t get with the spawns is hidden spawns that don’t show up until you’re right on top of them. How in the world does a brachiosaurus hide until you’re 30 feet away?