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Please no

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 6.04.23 PM
So we had this mechanic where there are huge sanctuaries that are spread throughout the map, this is fine 100% with me, but creatures that spawn on top of sanctuaries cannot be accessed, literally, not only is this Dimetrodon in the picture above, there were also experiences of Smilodons stuck in sanctuaries and cannot be accessed, can Ludia please fix this? maybe just not let creatures spawn on top of sanctuaries, make sanctuaries on map smaller models, or even just have creatures’ hitboxes above the sancs’, so we access the creature first when we click on a creature stuff within the sanc, we have access to sancs in alliances and all if creatures were placed in them, so please fix them, it has been a bother for versions and versions now. Thank you!

You can click on them, you just need to find where you need to tap. It’s an annoyance but it’s doable.

If you enter the sanctuary, then exit the sanctuary, the Dino will usually load into the map before the sanctuary does. If you are quick enough you can tag the Dino that way.
But still, this has been happening since the introduction of sanctuaries. This used to be a problem with strike towers too but they managed to fix that. Don’t understand why they haven’t applied the same fix to sanctuaries.

Hey there, SureWhyNot. I’m sorry to hear that you had encountered a creature that was spawned underneath one of our Sanctuaries. This is a known issue that our team is still trying to work on a fix for. Sadly, we don’t have an ETA on it yet.

If the creature was attracted using a Scent Capsule, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at with your support key.

Thank you!