Please please please change it back!

Can you return the critical percentages back???
Did You reduced them because of the * overboosted thors???

My poor Utahsino now will do 2500 damage on crit impact instead of 3000, that is a lot of damage gone

And if you really reduced the percentages because of boosted thors, remember you were the ones that caused that by adding boosts, and now all players will suffer because of a few unique Dinos that are not owned by the majority of players

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Oh noes! Muh fav high tier dinos hit like noodles now!


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I don’t have Thor, I got my first unique (indo) last week, and he will be nerfed also​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Needed to be done. Boosts+Crits were getting pretty ridiculous. (Lookin at you 14k Erlidoms)


I think the boosted Thor’s could have been nerfed more effectively, without spoiling everyone else’s day. Simply reducing the crit to 20% and maybe making the big DSR an APR would have been enough. I’d be mad as hell if I’d poured a ton of resources into Utahsino, and I know a lot of folk did.


Im glad this one receive a nerf,a WELL deserve nerf

That’s exactly what I did, but still, Utahsino doesn’t crit every time, and I still use him, I like him, it’s powerful, I will still use him

Also, my dracorex is level 10

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I use Utahsino on my Bravo team so I can see where you are coming from, however I think Ludia is trying to lessen the issues of dinosaurs one shotting each other!

All of them except the rat. Gotta have the rat one shotting them so we’re inclined to buy health boosts.


Yeah my poor Invincibility Emu Monomimus is a massive target for them! Thankfully its getting its health back in 1.8 so it won’t be a liability anymore.

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Basically with rats everywhere every dino needs a health buff. Especially the lower health ones that boosted rats just one shot. Swapping the move to non shatter is not really enough. It still one shots many dinos including poor utahsin.

So what is the best bet? Going to sound familiar to 1.7. Heavily boost our Thors, Trykos, and Erlidoms just so we have a rat killer. A legendary dino needs a unique to be tier 7 in boosts. Let’s think about that Ludia.


I think utahsino is strong enough. It doesn’t need a compensation. It will still be top tier. Let some other Dinos have their place.

On the other hand the allosino, Thor and Draco damage buff are just not necessary.

Edited : Besides, some Dino like rajakylo, who suffers actually the most from this change and is not in meta l, didn’t receive any kind of compensation which is much more justified than all the meta Dinos. Makes you question how they make their decision.

Well, Erlidoms is pretty much out now, as a rat killer… Sure it can still kill it easily, but the goal was to keep it alive and do a lot of damage to something else after. Now, with dodge being nerfed, the next dino it will face will likely be Thor or Tryko themselves. It will then be left with that second small attack will only chip them, and it will be dead in no time or cloak and pray. Many players will likely take it out of their teams as soon as they have something better to replace it. (ok, we will likely see it for a quite a while still). Being able to cloak and possibly deal a lot of dmg on the second turn, if lucky, was a great asset.

I don’t really care about utahsino since it will CLEARLY balance him but i am sad for some others:
-argentinosaurus which only receive a +80dmg compensation when his WHOLE gameplay is about crit?i mean…80% critical chance with his skill arent gonna get nearly good than before with just that
-ardontosaurus,his hybrid same: -150HP in compensation:+50dmg but when your crit deal 0.25 less,a small nerf
-baryonyx with his ready to crush skills can have 60% crit,but he earn only a +70?Should have been more,like +100
-baryonyx gen2 now have the same crit %,but earn a +120dmg so fair enough for him
-brachiosaurus earn only +50 while he have 30% crit?i mean rex earn +100 with the same crit chance so…why?
-Charlie…my precious daughter,my favorite creature of this game…His critical impact with a crit will deal 1.875dmg (against 2.25 on a successfully critical hit before)Of course she was using RNG but she got NO COMPENSATION at all.The skill on something this weal deal now 0.375* less dmg.On something which is a glass canon.its abusive…2000dmg?now it will be 1250.its a huge difference.
so she is now probably the worst of the raptor pack.
-Dimetrodon and his critical impact?the same!
-secodontosaurus which use it aswell?the skill got a nerf + an hp nerf from something nobody using it…
-rajakylosaurus? No advantage on something which can have +65% crit chance ???i mean litterally nothing and this dino already belong to the top trash legendary??i would atleast receive a +150dmg!
-rajasaurus?+50dmg only from his 80% crit chance?
-tryostronyx and his 60% crit ready to crush,a +50dmg?
-special mention to smilodon which got +300hp to compensate poorly the evasion nerf but from the dmg from prowl???nothing more??I mean,why would you waste a turn to receive dmg AND by the same time dealing only +1.25??
-special mention to marsupial lion aswell +150hp and +200dmg are ok but prowl which he HAVE to use it have no more use…
The clue??
I think there should be different critical abilities.Prowl should keep +1.5 on his next turn because its PART of his skills ,same goes for critical impact or else instead of 1.5 multiplier ,go to 1.75,from the rajakylosaurus??i mean he should receive at least +150dmg to compensate this mockery.
For baryonyx family,baryonyx and tryo should have receive at least +100dmg

They must be listening to these forums only?

Ludia: “Dodging is a problem so we gave you nullify and precise and you were not using them”
Players: “Dodging is fine so that’s why we don’t use/need those tools”
Ludia: “We nerfed dodging”

It’s almost as if they cannot use stats directly from their servers…

If Ludia made a poker game: “It’s a game, but we have to remove RNG from it, so now, our deck will consist of 52 aces only, so our players will not complain about RNG anymore” :wink:

I think this change is actually a good change, cause crits really went loose. My Erli at lvl 25, boosted has 11140 crit under cloak. Thors crits are ridiculous too.
Especially if they want to add critical boosts.

Anyway you can’t rely on crits to win matches.