Please, please, PLEASE fix bot battles


This is coming from a paying player. There is no reason we should have to battle bots that are 10+ levels higher. It’s a little bit of coding and the result is MUCH happier players. Please, PLEASE, FIX THE BATTLES!


Pretty sure it’s to provide a definite trophy cap at the moment until they’re ready to open up higher arenas.

Even the best players aren’t going to beat a team of Lv 30 bots and ludia obviously know this.


It’s not that. Just hit 3500 and immediately started battling level 26+ commons. I’m mostly 15-16.


Im down on purpose from 3900 points to arena 5, after a 10+ strike of facing bot of 30 epics, no fun in arena 7, 2 hour to find a human and enjoy the battle and the rewards in arena7 are trash


Going to kiss 500 then head on down. Sorry to anyone I battle down there.