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Please, Please, Please Fix Your Game!

Finding it hard to play with all the bugs in the game these days. I just entered an AI fight only to have it drop me as I was about to win. I came back to watch a replay of the AI beating me with zero health. This is insane and is happening more and more often.

There seems to be more bugs with every update. Speed indication does not work anymore either (a real problem with boosts). Friendly battles is broken. Alliances don’t work the way they should. Are you purposely adding bugs now?


The plot deepens.


Yep, get me my tin-foil hat. It just seems that no programming team could be this inept, so it has to be on purpose right?

You have to consider that another update is due, and with this will come loads of new bugs.

So perhaps they are releasing some of the new bugs first, so it doesn’t look so bad when 1.11 arrives :rofl:


Makes sense - prepping the player base!

Just had one replay-bug this morning. Was Ardentis vs Indominus, things were getting interesting, and then everything turns purple and glitches out. I restart, only to have to watch the ENTIRE match from start to finish and lose, even though I’ve only been out for like what? 20 seconds?

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Well, the scent not attracting park critters was almost surely a purposely added “bug”.


I have battling bugs all the time too, but the map not loading and game not connecting problem is what is making the game unplayable for me right now.

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Not bugs, it’a all intended features

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Oh come on guys, who is flagging that?

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Who ever keeps flagging my post. I can do this all day.

"Good one.

“I see less bugs in the middle of summer in the woods by a lake with a lantern”

[In the prose of the most interesting man in the world commercials]
“I rarely laugh and say sarcastic things, but when I do, its usually about Ludia”"

Its obviously funny. Ludia can take some light hearted criticism.


Maybe they gave up. That was ridiculous that someone was flagging that. It was not rude to anyone…was on the topic of this thread…was a funny jab with no harmful intent.

i literally just now had the bug where it gives you a replay of the match after you loose connection. Oh and hp is not represented right. i won (barely), but what is up with that? that is super detrimental. I have no words for how bad that is.

my spyx was dead, erlidom down to 544. Their utasino and indo were dead. It was just miragaia and DC left. I lost connection about halfway through fighting miragaia with nemys. (only know DC was there because of the replay).

The best part of this bug as it is most likely caused by Ludia thinking we would want to watch a replay of our matches or spectate other matches and are laying the ground work.

Some kind of next world thinking going on here. Who wants to watch who got the best line up?

Their might have been a time watching matches would have been intresting. But boosts killed that off.

Watching someone play solitaire would be more entertaining.

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I wouldn’t mind watching replays of battles. It’s a good tool to find where you went wrong, and what strategies can be employed. But doing it in the middle of a battle really sucks.

That is part of the replay issue. It used to be you could log back in an at least try to finish the game. Now you’re forced to watch a replay before you can get control back. By that time it is almost always too late.

Is there a thread with a list of known bugs? Would be interesting to note how many bugs are in the game currently. Seems like every release takes another step backward. Not in game design necessarily (that’s another topic entirely), but in overall play-ability.

I don’t know if this is globally an answer, but log out and then back in twice. I have done that many times and that second attempt seemed to get me back into the battle. The chances of winning are pretty slim after that much time though.

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Yeah I know. I miss those times when at most you had to wait a turn. LOL It’s like Ludia’s devs are on a bet to see who can make a bug worse than it was.

Some of the actual bugs (not just things people dislike) I know of are:

-Losing kit icons in battle.
-Getting a win/loss screen in the middle of battle
-Map showing nothing
-Map losing focus and is not clickable
-GPS hiccups causing scent dinos to be lost
-Freezing on the win/loss screen (unclickable)
-Some weird purply thing happens in battles and you can do nothing
-Chat showing old messages
-Chat showing nothing
-Old requests still showing in chat
-Pinned dinos lasting over 2 turns
-Maxed stats being -1 in battle
-Timed incubators not working with video watches to decrease time
-Using more than one account on a device causing characteristics of one account to bleed into the other account
-Alerts showing on like the alliance tab when there is no information (either the alert is wrong or the information that should be showing isn’t)

I am sure there are more, those are just ones in my mind right now.