Please, please, PLEASE just STOP ADDING STUFF!

Just for a month or two? Please? The game is getting to be so buggy as to be near-unplayable, and every new patch and content-update adds MORE BUGS while fixing none. Serious issues are left unaddressed for months and even YEARS, and the number of purely cosmetic bugs that are floating around are becoming downright ludicrous.

I work in testing myself, so I understand just fine WHY this is happening. Doing a solid job of straightening out an app is nigh-on impossible if that app keeps CHANGING. It needs to stay static for long enough that you can run it through properly, rooting out all the issues and getting them FIXED - THEN you have the leisure of checking every new update to make sure it doesn’t introduce new issues. As long as content-updates and attempted bug-fixes are running in parallel, though, it’ll only worsen the situation.

So please, Ludia, I KNOW you think you need to keep adding new content, because you’re worried that people will stop playing if there’s nothing more for them to strive for, but you know what else makes people stop playing? The game being LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE due to the number of bugs and glitches that have been piled on top of each other.

I’m reaching that point myself. I love the game, I love the community I’ve found myself in, but the game is just RIDICULOUSLY broken at this point, and I can’t keep ignoring it. The alliance chat is choked with long-expired Requests, every raid-invite causes the game to log me out, everything takes ages to load, sound and music cuts out regularly, and oh yeah, the bloody MAP won’t update my position unless I repeatedly toggle the game in and out of focus, making it frustrating-to-impossible to get close-range spawns, use scents, and just, y’know, generally PLAY THE GAME.

Anybody else feel like they’d be happy not to see another content-update for a while if it just meant that the game was patched into a FUNCTIONAL STATE at the end of it?


Excellent post @BlakeTheDrake, well said!


I second this. The game is now unplayable. The arena is broken, raid invitations do not work (I could not enter any lobby today after accepting around 30 invitations because of the bugs).

Spinning the spots is the only thing that is still working, and darting sometimes. I used to enjoy playing this game but there is no fun anymore.


I’ve been saying this for 3 months. It has become nearly unplayable.


To say the game is unplayable is hyperbole but I do agree that perhaps an update or two with nothing but major fixies would be a good idea. There are things being asked for that should not be hard to clean up - chat messages and old requests for example. Something like that would go a long way to keeping a happy community.


Hyperbole, perhaps, but only SLIGHTLY. I’m not kidding when I say that what I would consider the primary gameplay-loop - moving around IRL, spinning drops, needling dinos and using scents - is effectively out of order for me. I can still do strike-events and arena/tournament fights, but considering the known issues involving THAT, this is seemingly mostly just down to luck.

Basically, if someone was unlucky enough to be affected by ALL known issues simultaneously, their game would be LITERALLY unplayable.

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I feel like they desperately need to find a way to keep end game players occupied and having fun without adding more dinos and something beyond the current area/tournament trophy system. That’s all there is; just grinding battles for trophies. That’s all end game players can do. Most have enough dna to make any dino and get it to 30 swiftly.

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I feel like they don’t know how to fix the game. This game became a bloatware. They keep adding new features but I suspect that the code of the game has become a monster and that they don’t understand how it works anymore.


There are definitely a few bugs that make the game super annoying and people just do not want to play it. I agree with everything. A few updates just to fix all these bugs would definitely help the community.

That’s a tiny minority of players. If Ludia is catering to them at the expense of the other 99% of the rest, they’re insane.

A new areana would be great and we need more updates without new creatures Areana, Map and so on.

ok, so there are plenty of bugs in the game, can we dedicate an update entirely to fixing bugs and balancing creatures? share your opinions .


Dream on…


best we can do is creature markers.


Performance is a major factor that needs to be improved. A dart session takes nearly one and a half minutes including all the loading. This used to be 40 seconds. The map is too full. Why can’t we lower the detail? Lower the view distance? I don’t need to see dinos at 500m on my map, nor houses.
While darting there are often lagspikes so I miss my hits.
Sometimes it’s so slow that the game just gives up and closes. And it’s not even a bad phone or anything, galaxy a50.

And all the bugs… I wouldnt care if there was no update for 4 months. Just fix the bugs!
You can keep adding dino though, that’s just a designer task.


The game became so unplayable on my S7 I got a S10.
(Doubling the ram from 4 to 8 seemed to help significantly on map loading and can keep up with the wife driving at 50 MPH)
Granted the S7 is old as dirt, but JWA was the only app where it showed its age.
Everything else ran fine on it.
I have to agree an optimization patch would be helpful.


I have a pretty decent phone, but even today, like within the last 30 minutes or so, the game can’t handle the game and just shuts off. It happens all the time. It is getting a bit ridiculous and old. Improving the performance of the game by whatever means available would be the best idea right now. We have enough creatures at the moment. We want the creatures that are currently available to be able to go into battle with us without the game crashing. I’ve played a lot of games but this one has to be the buggiest and most poorly performing one that I can think of right now.


I have a Samsung s21+
I don’t use it for much else other than this game and no one can say it’s not one of the most up to date phones out there can they?
Big memory, graphics etc….
Yet I constantly have to restart as the alliance chat fails to load properly, people’s requests are showing when they are full, mine aren’t showing at all, friends list doesn’t load, and raid invites cause me to log out of google play.
I would love to know what the devs use when they test run the game.


my post from jan 2019:

i even started a series of posts called “bug of the day”, a parody of “dino of the day”, but i gave up after some of them, since i realized ludia doesn’t care about bugs.

then if you note i post my impressions every update with some ironic comment about “bug fixes” session.

well, let’s have some fun since they do nothing.


evergreen post