Please, please, PLEASE just STOP ADDING STUFF!

from what ive seen the bugs are slowly decreasing in amount. and i always like new content too
though it cant be that hard to do both

Trust me, it is. Trying to bug-check an app while it’s having stuff added to it is like trying to shear a sheep on the run. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but you better be REALLY good with those shears, or else that sheep might wind up with some bloody gashes… which in this metaphor means ‘new bugs’.

As for the bugs decreasing in amount, that hasn’t been my experience, and I’ve been playing this for nearly two years now. Now and then a bug DOES get fixed… but it’s usually replaced with another one at the same time, or just as likely, the classic ‘hydra’ situation where cutting off one head just causes two more to grow in its place. Just look at the long-running issue of people not seeing raid-invites, and having to reboot the game in order to receive them! I hear some people are still getting it, but for most, it’s been ‘fixed’… so now instead the game asks you to log in again whenever you receive an invite, enabling you to actually accept the second one. An improvement? Certainly. Has the issue been ‘fixed’? No, just replaced.


The problem is that now the game asks you to reconnect when you spin drops, battle in the arena or dart a creature as well. It’s getting ridiculous.

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yeah, let us have like a battle meta/dinos to look forward to getting for like a couple months too, I am a bit upset having to constantly look at different dinos to see which new ones to go for, yada yada.

This is never going to change. In this PocketGamer article from June, a Ludia producer said:

“Our focus for top-tier endgame players is really around keeping the meta fresh and maintaining a fast-paced update schedule so that they always have some new creatures to play around with. We started working towards a more frequent release strategy in 2020 and have really been able to deliver on this since the beginning of 2021, despite working from home the entire time.”

They want to keep us constantly grasping for the new, better stuff so we never get complacent and we have to keep playing and spending. It’s good business sense, but it gets tiresome.


i meant bugs decreasing as in the past few months

Sure, focusing on feeding the Whales makes economic sense… up to a point. Firstly, these bugs are affecting those ‘top-tier endgame players’ too, and if they become too obnoxious, they’re going to ‘endgame’ somewhere else. Secondly, whales can’t survive without a healthy ecosystem to support them. This game is highly social - if there’s no-one to fight in the arena, no-one to spar with in tournaments, no-one to raid with, you’re not going to keep playing - which means they need us guppies too.

Basically, Too Many Bugs = Players Leaving = Whales Leaving = Money Leaving = Game shuts down due to profitability = CEO gets smaller annual bonus


I read the article cited by @Castal, and yes it seems that Ludia are looking to keep changing the mete to keep the players that pay happy. That’s entirely understandable and examples we see such as IDGT and his partner popping no end of epic scents upon the arrival of the unique Compy show us why it’s good for business. Players like this will happily switch boosts around and buy what they need go stay competitive with a new team.

The thing is this though - these players are surely a minority aren’t they? While I love the fact that they happily pile so much money into the game, what keeps the average player happy? The player who doesn’t have the latest device to play the game on, who maybe has vip but does not spend on much else - how do Ludia keep them happy? Surely the ever changing meta and no boost shuffle coupled with issues created by the device becoming overloaded with too much stuff being added just become more and more frustrating.

I know there must be thousands of players like this because so many players are stuck in the never ending cycle between 4900 and 5400 trophies. I’ve been there forever and so many friends in game are the same. There is little or no chance of escaping it without spending to keep up when the meta changes every two months. And pointless additions that seem to be added with every update certainly don’t help.

So a happy medium needs to be found. Something that might keep us all happy. Those at the top want to stay there and are happy to pay to do so, mid game players want to feel they can progress but for over a year it seems they can’t. I don’t have the answers but it would be something positive if the game was able to run more smoothly and the addition of so much paraphernalia in the last year or so seems so counter productive.


Well what about this then if say LUDIA in its infinite wisdom at last decideed to do something about all the glitches / bugs / errors that are currently inherent within the game and the way it plays. ( read below ) lol

In this brand new update to the game we at LUDIA have finally decided after much thought and a veritable mountain of input / suggestions from all our player base about all of the current problems that have been plaguing the game for some months now, taking into account that the list of problems is wide and varied from small hiccups to major glitches that are causing the players a major headache when trying to play the game and enjoy it instead of ending up totally frustrated and on the verge of giving it up completely.

We have gone through the game code from the top of the iceberg way down to the very bottom of the barrel so to speak finding many glitches / bugs / errors along the way and admittedly found them to number in the XXXXXXXXXX amount of errors. Being concerned that so many things have slowly been going wrong with the game that players used to love and play constantly every day we have now decided to eliminate most if not all of the current problems plaguing the game in general.

After going thoroughly through a list that has been compiled by our player base we shall start at the top most priority items and work our way down the list until we have at long last taken the number of problems within the game from the XXXXXX amount down to a minimum of as few as possible ( around 20 to 30 problems or less if possible ) and we ask that all players of the game are patient with our efforts to eliminate them as fast as possible.

*The list of problems in sequence of priority are as follows…

  1. The log jam of expired dna requests in all alliance chat rooms to be eliminated.
  2. The creation of a separate chat channel specifically for DNA requests only
  3. The problem with over balanced teams facing off against each other in arena battles.
  4. The main screen of game constantly crashing whenever a raid invite or lobby is sent.
  5. game crashing when spinning supply drops / event drops.
  6. Sudden GPS shift where game map glitches out and freezes placing a player(s) miles from their actual real world location and players having to reboot the game to unfreeze it enabling game play once more.
  7. Game screen suddenly goes blank without warning causing a player to reboot the game just to play it properly.
  8. Major problem with arena battles becoming broken often during an actual battle dropping one or both players out of the arena, or timer suddenly kicking in without warning causing arena battles to end and by the time one or both players have re - entered the battle arena the other payer has won by default or both players are given a drawn game when before the arena crashing it was evident that 1 player was clearly going to be the winner regardless of the glitch.
  9. The onscreen appearance of a ** Failure message ** when sending out raid invites / lobby invites during raids.
  10. The severe lag time with the game in general whereby the game crawls at an ever slowing pace until eventually crashing because of the slow speed of actual game play.
  11. Sudden disconnection message appearing onscreen causing severe lag activating again and forcing the player to sit there idle while the game catches up time wise to the point the player can once again re - enter the raid / or arena battle or game play in general.
  12. Inability to collect rewards from either raids / incubators or general game play after winning them.
  13. Items at in game shop not being accessible / locked out when clicked upon after trying to purchase them.
  14. In-game mail states that there is a Tapjoy 100% increase offer. When you open the mail, or click the free cash Tapjoy icon, however, there is no offer available.
  15. Problem with in game timer stating there is a wait time of over 18,000 days before you can make your next request for dinosaur DNA etc.
  16. Can’t log in with Facebook log in 10029 error whenever a player attempts to log in via the Facebook game app.
  17. Visual glitch with Carnotarkus not doing any damage on a rend when only 50% distracted?
  18. Cannot access the strike events because the boss hit box is too big or over shadows other in game features to the point you cannot click on anything at all, The hitbox is still so big that it covers a HUGE area and if you try clicking on a tower or dino anywhere near one it only gives you the raid boss instead.
  19. Daily task screen glitches out or is showing as completely blank forcing a player to reboot several times before the correct information screen finally shows.
  20. Drone darts suddenly veering off course or going in a different direction when fired at a dinosaur you are trying to dart within game.
  21. Requesting dinosaur DNA example: >> tanycolagreus, and I “got” 1000 DNA, but I darted and then the DNA changed to 600…this happened several times already with different dinos.
  22. Wrong creatures being featured on weekly event calendar ( event calendar shows a certain dinosaur for a particular day but when that day starts the player receives another dinosaur / creature instead.
  23. The map bugs out after selecting a dinosaur, causing the map to have metricanthosaurus gen2 at the top of the screen with a unmovable drone in the start position, a dinosaur / creature that has yet to be added to the game.!
  24. The alliance tournament list refreshes and shows 201 - 300 (instead of 101 - 200) also if you click on “Show previous 100” after, it skips 101 - 200 and shows 1 - 100.
  25. Bug Description: when opening a 3 hour giga scent dino’s are appearing inside the incubators and sanctuaries making almost impossible to dart.
  26. Bug Description: Dinosaurs die on a friends screen but not on my screen and get instantly revived.
  27. Bug Description: when battling against a creature and you tap on your opponent dinosaur to view its stats and cannot view the stats no matter how many times you tap it, hold down on it.
    28.Request to join an alliance has been accepted but a player is stuck with the Waiting for leader approval even though leader has accepted your request.
  28. Bug Description: Unable to search for alliance by name even after entering the correct details screen blanks and a pop up message appears stating * ** Alliance cannot be found **
  29. Bug Description: Amount of takedowns reset to 0 after losing to an opponent or clicking of the tournament screen
  30. Bug Description: Recruit a friend not working when requested screens freezes or goes completely blank.
  31. Bug Description: The Smile themed incubator bundles in the market for iPhone users do not show a price and won’t allow you to purchase.
  32. Bug Description: Game freezes when trying to view seasonal rewards
  33. Park supply drops, sanctuaries, strike towers missing from game entirely. ( blank game screen )

The list above was compiled from the huge list of bugs found on the ** report bugs ** section and is but a sample of some of the various bugs / glitches / errors all players have either found during game play or faced with some of them while playing the game in general. But most of you will be able to see the point of what i am trying to say here yes there is a lot of them that have been slowly piling up over the last couple of months and in some cases even longer but with a working title of JWA GAME UPDATE V2.13 / THE GREAT BUG & GLITCH PURGE we may actually see this happening one day in the not too distant future where instead of new dinosaurs or new additions to the game LUDIA have started a complete game overhaul to eliminate as many of them as possible to bring back and enhance the game play we all know and love so much.

Kind regards
LHMB ( Look How Much Blood ) alliance member.


33 bugs, wow. I wish that Ludia would take time to actually fix bugs rather than make updates to add new things.

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Ludia’s CEO gets a fat bonus regardless. Why fix a game when you can milk whales? Why bother to make the game fun when you can destroy projects and get more spending?

The game is built by a company that knows nothing about making a good game. It makes gambling games not enjoyable ones. The actual people making the games work are underpaid and overworked. So the profits dun affect them. Their pay is bad.


Bug fixes sell nothing. They say valuable programmer time that could be used to make something saleable. Why fix 10 bugs when 1 IndoTau makes more money in sales? The game is working, the whales are being milked. What is the problem? Dominion is coming so Ludia will have a new cash grab game then so JWA is just holding on till then.

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I have all but the Apex creatures and all the good ones to team level. If they decide not to add any more new creatures, I would slowly start increasing my creatures from 20 and 21 to 22 and so on but with new creatures coming every update, I cap my team at 21 with a few I took to 22 mainly for raids or by accident.

I wouldn’t mind a bug fix only update. I don’t know why in release 2, google play has to re-login for raids. This has been very annoying to get my own personal raids going with my 2 and wife’s 2 accounts.

As much as I would love them to add weekend group PvP tournaments to replace the current one-on-one tournaments, I can see the pain with getting into those or forming teams with alliance members. I have issues joining raids with my google account relogging and often have to kill and reload the game to get into those. My Ipads sometimes crash going into raids and have to reload the game, hoping to get back in quick enough to make my first right move.

Example of #18! I can’t reach the coin box because of the postimetrodron boss. Ridiculous!


Is anyone enjoying the game at the mo?

  • They fundamentally changed the mechanics of the game with zero warning or compensation for the players to adapt…

  • they buffed Dino’s (deer) to the point it can 3 star a team in the highest division…

  • raid invites and general play is broken (failure status etc etc)

They had a series of amazing updated and as far as I know everyone was playing and having fun… Since the last two updated personally speaking I’ve totally lost my mojo… It’s just a bit boring and long now…

I can see a lot leaving soon. They need to have a think as to the direction they want this game to go in… Right now it’s on a slippery slope to yawns-ville


100%, lets fix the bugs first before anything else. Ludia makes it so that in order to play the game, you need a secondary app to communicate. That should not be the case. Whats funny is you cant use the word Discord in the game, but you need it, to play it.


Just stop nerfing the current dinos. Really hate it when the time i want to unlock and use it, it become useless. I’ve working hard on Skoona now and just nearly lvl 30 just to found out that Ludia want to nerf it soon. Damn. All hardwork just for nothing. And nerfing Apexes like Cera and HLux also reflect that Ludia doesn’t care about High Tie Creatures. Some people may said that Apex is free to get, just raid everyweek and you will get it soon. But they forgot the “ingredients” of success raid. Strategy and suitable dinos for that. They forgot how many times we have failed just to get 30s or worst 15 in each raid. So, my point is just stop nerfing dinos. Sooner or later, there will be counter for each of it.

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too bad, ludia is not in charge of when new creatures get added, that decision is completely up to universal studios and amblin entertainment

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Can you be specific as to what relevant bugs have been fixed?

Enumerate any not posted by Ludia that REALLY matters: “chat not working or even useless”, “notification never receiving”, “Deinotherium cannot be selected after several attempts”, raids getting frozen even on wifi, maps taking forever to load, frequent crashes, etc etc etc …. Because I firmly believe you are living in an alternate reality. No offense here, Ludia needs their cheerleading team too. You are there even when the game is being lost.

If you are a Ludia employee, or work for them in any way; so yeah you might be affected and you maybe looking into your kanban board and believe yourself that the bugs are getting fixed… my reality as a user is different.

The reality for all foreigners outside the Ludia is that the game has becoming unplayable and it is ridiculously tiring just trying to do a simple raid with people of other countries, just pay attention the the youtubers, they are broadcasting live and “testing for Ludia” and cant even connect a simple friendly battle to give out some free coins to their audience, that’s how the situation is now.

It is not fun to be looking at the screen and receiving a call from a member saying “I sent you invite 5 times, can you join?”

Like… why do I have to restart a brand new iPhone13ProMax/Samsung S20 for a simple raid 5 times! Really??


Maybe it os not very relevant but this still being a “thing”

Megistotherium does not have any animation to its “on scape” hability yet since is being released. Kinda ridiculous.