Please, please, PLEASE just STOP ADDING STUFF!

Exactly right @JurassicRemy. This game now takes forever to load and is ridden with bugs. And yet, they focus on adding new dinos… Sorry, strike that. New creatures, not dinos. We’re doing birds, dogs, deer and pigs now. Anything that they can sell DNA for and convince people to boost.


You know it’s bad when the game runs like hot garbage on both new and old phones :grimacing:

Every time I open it, it’s a game of “wonder what will make it crash now”.

The irony in my situation is as terrible as the addition of markers were it actually helps me when it comes to picking dinos for strike towers, because if I stay on the dino select screen for 20…30 seconds the game crashes.


You just switch to FB authentication and have no more trouble accepting invites.

I think (for different reasons) this is a shot in the foot.
I’ve now seen 3 hardcores in my Alliance drop the game because the Meta is running faster than they can keep up. Some of them PTW.
When you put 2 months of effort into a Dino and then out of the blue Ludia comes with something that completely trashes it (not to mention nerfs) THEY BEGIN WONDERING WHY THEY DID RUN AT ALL.


When I changed my device account, all my progress was last and I had to start from Lv1 again! I lost my whole team of epic!

Yet another bug thats probably never going to get fixed, this has affected me twice now.
Why is it possible to not have a simple email login mechanism, Ludia?
How can it even be possible to associate a login method of Apple ID or GameCentre, with more than one account?

Get in touch with support, they’ll get your original account back, but it may take sometime.

If Ludia listened to you, wouldn’t that make them a horrible company that does not listen? At this moment look at the most previous post to this one before I replied.

Is there a link to this article? I’m curious what else they said.

I’m a QA Tester myself for a living and I’ve been saying this exact same thing for months with my alliance on discord.

I would much rather have an update or even two updates back to back that work on nothing but bugs and issues to stabilize the game over shiny new dinos any day of the week.

I feel like Ludia is only concerned with releasing new dinos with every single update and it’s driving me crazy. They used to not put out so many dinos so frequently but it’s just been way overdone lately.

Any new features or new dinos 100% carries with it a high probability of introducing new bugs and issues. Unfortunately, the way Ludia has been handling releases lately, they have been adding new features and dinos more than the bugs that already exist. This is adding bugs faster than they are fixing them and it’s getting worse and worse.

Being in QA myself, it’s easy to see that the product and releases are not quality checked before the releases go out. It also doesn’t take someone in QA to notice either. If there were a sound QA department testing and holding up releases to address issues before anything is released, then this would be a much better game.

But, as BlakeTheDrake has presented, I wish we could just stop putting out new content and focus more on stabilizing the game first.


@Johnb scroll back to the post from Castal on this thread and click the highlight in it

It just feels like the game got taken away from the guys who’ve been working on it the last 3 or so years and put in on someone else’s plate. That or they’re just not allocating enough time into doing a proper update. Things like

  • Forgetting to change the animations along with updating a move
  • Giving creatures new signature moves that don’t take into consideration that creature’s resistances
  • Two creatures having the same move yet two different thresholds for “alert” status
  • Inconsistent (or completely missing) cooldowns
  • Lagging during darting sessions/changing the drone’s aim dot properties w/out reason

Stuff like this that was more prominent back in the 1.3-1.5 era is creeping back in.

For example: Remember when they first changed the drone “mode” to (supposedly) help new players dart better? It was too slow and us veterans complained since it was significantly lowering our scores. Well, they quick patched a setting so you could choose “classic/rookie/veteran”. How come this hasn’t been done yet for the “dot”? Somehow it takes months to figure out how to change the color back?

Should be simple to undo the broken thing until you have time to add a new setting to allow people to choose a color. Failing to do so leads to questions about why things like this were changed in the first place.

Same can be said with all the nerf/moveset changes that have been happening at an alarming rate.

To me it feels like the game is in completely new hands and they simply don’t have the experience or experience to be successful.


That’s another complaint of mine too… I don’t see why if we can alter the drone darting type between classic/rookie/veteran that we couldn’t be allowed to change the color of the dot itself. Other games allow for players to change the crosshair colors.

I have a hard time seeing the dart dot at all on some of the darker dinos. I’d like to be able to make it white, yellow or red. I would be able to dart better and more consistently.

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There’s a whole section of this thread:

where we talk about people who are either completely or partially color blind. Imagine how much fun darting must be for them. This gets into a much larger issue of accessibility for those who are differently-abled.

Guaranteed 100% removal of all bugs… remove the software. No software, no bugs. :grin:


I 100% feel this, and with each update that fixes absolutely nothing it just reinforces said feeling :confused:

Also considering this post I made a while ago:

Also the date for the “graphical glitches” is showing the last reply date, it was actually made in March 2020 :upside_down_face:

None of this has been fixed.

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I think we all know what we want on our Christmas lists

i forgot to mention this:

2 years later and i still have to close and re open jwa many times to fix things.

and that time i was with android, then ios. doesn’t matter the platform.

sometimes, even the very first time i open jwa, it alteady has some ui issue and i have to close and try again.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Putting Mortem back to the way he was? Yes please!

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lol, nice profile picture.

didn’t realize jwa icons are perfect for round profile images used in ludia forum.