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Please, please, PLEASE just STOP ADDING STUFF!

Exactly right @JurassicRemy. This game now takes forever to load and is ridden with bugs. And yet, they focus on adding new dinos… Sorry, strike that. New creatures, not dinos. We’re doing birds, dogs, deer and pigs now. Anything that they can sell DNA for and convince people to boost.

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You know it’s bad when the game runs like hot garbage on both new and old phones :grimacing:

Every time I open it, it’s a game of “wonder what will make it crash now”.

The irony in my situation is as terrible as the addition of markers were it actually helps me when it comes to picking dinos for strike towers, because if I stay on the dino select screen for 20…30 seconds the game crashes.

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You just switch to FB authentication and have no more trouble accepting invites.

I think (for different reasons) this is a shot in the foot.
I’ve now seen 3 hardcores in my Alliance drop the game because the Meta is running faster than they can keep up. Some of them PTW.
When you put 2 months of effort into a Dino and then out of the blue Ludia comes with something that completely trashes it (not to mention nerfs) THEY BEGIN WONDERING WHY THEY DID RUN AT ALL.