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Please, please, please no more night

First of all say that maybe it is not right to start with a complaint when I think the new version is really good. Separating by Items:

  1. The novelties with the alliances are perfect.
  2. The news with assault events and supply towers are perfect.
  3. The new creatures do not seem very powerful, but I prefer it to be that way. At this point the only thing that seems negative is to create two unique from the same epic.
  4. Changes in skills, speed, health etc, I am still not able to evaluate them. The only point that I think is negative is to have finished destroying the Monomimus. I hate monomius and I do not want to use it but it seems very cruel to take away health in version 1.5 and speed in 1.6 to pass it from the best dino to a dino unusable.

Having said all of the above, I go to the motive of my message. Hunting at night is horrible. There are practically no creatures what makes hunting out at night a tremendous monotony. So far, before going to work and after leaving work I still had a couple of hours of down / dusk in which it made sense to hunt. In fact, the worst moment was when, in full hunting, I saw that the sunset passed into the night and implied almost the end of the hunt. Now the dusk and the evening have disappeared, something that does not matter to me, but instead of converting it into a day, it has become a night and that practically disables me from hunting during the day from Monday to Friday. What happens to me happens to most students or workers. Please, make the old hours of sunrise / sunset day.

Thank you


You noticed evening disappeared as well??? I thought I was crazy or just somehow missed it. It’s like it almost goes from day straight to night with no dusk.

i like that rexes also spawn at night now.

Used to see them after dark only once in a blue moon before, but lately I see more at night than during the day. It helps a lot since the sun still sets pretty early where I am


it makes sense though. get rid of dawn and dusk.

Night/day cycle is the devil himself in pixel form. Absolutely the worst part of this game imo.

Wouldnt be half bad if they would start rotating some much needed daytime dna to nightime for a change. I dont know how much more of these useless rare raptors I can take.


The down / dusk concept was very good, that is, a period of transition in which it was both day and night, that is, you could see all the creatures plus one (the dimerphodon) exclusively. This period also coincides with the hours of most activity of most people because it coincides with the hours when people go to work / university / institute. In fact, I would have liked this period to be extended, but, instead of that, the down / dusk has turned into night and that has been, for me, the worst of this version. Now I have to go to work half an hour a day and after leaving another half hour, before and after only night.

On the other hand, if it is decided that there must be day and night, it should be balanced a little more. Someone who lives in a certain area after nightfall sees 45% of the only common night zone (majunda for example in zone 1), 45% among the four global commons that are seen at night ( tarbo, velociraptor, Irritator Gen 2 and Nundasuchus) and 10% with luck of the rare and common nocturnal of their zone or global. That 90% of the creatures you can find walking with cold at night are only 5 creatures does not motivate at all to go out and play.

If we add the parks we have an added problem. First of all, a large part of the players (80% of the alliance) do not have any parks near home, so we are already limited to those creatures. The lucky ones who have a park nearby, at night it is possible that the parks are closed and, supposing they are open, they are not recommendable areas to walk at night.

Please, calibrate this. It is understood that the creators of the game want people to play and this theme makes people who want to play get tired.


I’m casting my vote for return of dawn dusk cycles. I liked the night spawns as it made sense.

If you notice that a huge chunk (if not most) of our Dino’s are water based already it makes sense that they weren’t out at night.

But with that said yeah there should be a few more Dino’s at night

I understand how they acted in real life, but that is irrelevant to game balance and play experience. Does it also make sense that dinos can turn invisible and conjure force shields?

LOL Now I see a steggy in a beat up old wizard hat. Dungeons & Dinos.

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My stegodeus come in to play and starts quoting gandolf

“you shall not passss”

Today the dawn has returned! Thank you !