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Please prioritise PvP change over challenge

if You check the general discussion Eg “PVP is horrible” and other similar threads you will see that PVP is cauSing a huge amount of frustration the combined health effects of which would be enough to kill an ox

For the sake of everyone’s mental and emotional health can you please prioritise some PVP changes over Eg Challenges.

At the very least just install a quit battle button!

Note this will have negligible impact on peopke sandbagging for Eg challenges. It’s a simple matter to just pop the tv on, start a match, put the game aside for a few minutes, star another match etc, a quit button really won’t help much with that but will have a big beneficial impact on peoples wellbeing (I know it’s just a game but reading the comments shows that it effects peoples moods strongly - including myself).

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Actually what would be perfect is an “I smite thee” button in place of a quit button - your characters call down vengeance from the heavens for Eg absurd character matching (such as yours all melee, theirs all ranged and their warlock locks you in place b4 you can move)

Basically you get the satisfaction of seeing the entire enemy team annhilated but still lose the trophies etc. As quit should sacrifice any kills you’ve made here so no need to go to the experience page just straight back to the main page so you can battle again straight away if you wish in the hopes of getting a non-absurd match up

In the cases in which you are fighting a person and not a bot, at the other end the AI can take over your team so they can continue the battle while you get the satisfying I smite thee animation.

Win win

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Wow!!! If a free game on your phone, even one you choose to spend some money on, effects your mental health I would suggest you stop playing and seek some help

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Now now everyone play nice lol

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I wasn’t trying to be mean I was 100% serious.

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It effects a great many peoples mental and emotional health as can clearly be seen in the various threads in which people express great frustration and anger at PVP.

The problem is in some ways the brain doesn’t know that it’s just a game and it doesn’t like being helpless.

100% serious you should get some help for not being able to see the level of frustration expressed in various PVP posts and some education on the effects that games can have on people.

Trust me I understand completely how they can effect you. That’s why I was saying if it truly is affecting you you should stop and get help. The first thing any doctor will tell you, physical or emotional, is that if you can get away from the situation that is causing you harm than you should

Hi it’s just a game a fun game and sometimes frustrating game lol but just a game if it bothers you don’t spend $$$ on it just have fun ok thanks

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I have a PhD in Psych, so don’t really need your advice re avoiding stress but thanks for your concern.

I also have two kids under three, I deal with them and every other aspect of life quite well. When I do have a little bit of free time for gaming I want an enjoyable experience.

If the PvP issues weren’t fixable then I would agree with you - stop playing PvP - but I like the game and it’s worthwhile putting in a little effort to see
If they can install a quit button so you can immediately move on to a different battle.

Please prioritize Explore over Challenge and Challenge over PvP.

Yea, dont prioritize pvp. Challenge and expecially explore is what the general player base cares about. DnD has NEVER been about pvp, but rather content across the board.

I have given my opinions on ways I think this game can be better as well. I believe it is our duty as consumers. However, if someone say to me, whether personally or as part of a conversation I am involved in, that some particular voluntary activity is causing physical and emotional damage that is enough to “kill an ox,” I will always suggest to them that they give up that activity. I would normally assume they were just being a bit dramatic but you never know. Have a good day

i Suggest you stick to playing and less to responding.

You clearly back-pedal in previous texts and in this one you show you are not able to digest simple text. I said the combined effects across all players - the sum of the negative effects would be quite large - not that it would have that effect on me or any other single individual.

Have a good day.

Let’s finish it here shall we, I tire of this banter

I’m not saying prioritise PVP over explore or challenge in the long term. I’m saying in the short term make it first priority to add a quit button to PVP.

Doctorates only means you are an expert in a narrow area within a field. Not an expert broadly within a field. So it depends highly on your subject matter expertise regarding whether you can adequately reflect upon your own mental health. Your argument is highly likely to be an appeal to authority fallacy.

Moreover, it has been found that Ethics Professors are no more ethical, and possibly less ethical, than their colleagues in other subject matters. Knowing a subject in depth does not translate into being able to apply that knowledge in your day to day life. There is a huge divide between theory and praxis.

Let me know if you want references.

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Ha ha,

Your right and on top of that I’d add that it’s really only in a Psychology masters that you have a clinical focus, my PHD used EEG to look at changes in various cognitive markers in aging. I Just used it to shut Mkb up which clearly didn’t work so there was no need for you to chime in :wink:

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The need didn’t arise from what you wanted to accomplish.

The need arose from your irresponsible use of your academic background to shut down discussion. This erodes credibility of academics in the field when you provide incorrect or misleading information on an area you only have amateur knowledge about.

Mobile gaming engages many aspects of applied psychology and psychological topics like conditioning, addiction and reward loops will arise during discussion. So unless you actually have a thorough understanding of field, your PhD should not grant your opinions any more weight than any other random internet person.

You were conferred a PhD. That’s an impressive amount of work. But it is not a license to tell people to shut up because you know better, especially when you don’t.

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Now who’s being over-dramatic

What a tugger you are - if you are an academic your the worst kind

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Please explain this statement. I don’t follow your logic or how you have come to this conclusion. I am open to listening if you care to explain.

Undermining scientist’s credibility through false credentials is a real issue. See, for example this article:

Tugger - someone who pulls at something vigorously and repeatedly.

I flippantly said that I know how to manage my own stress as I have a PhD in psych to stop someone badgering me and get back to the real topic (which again we are straying from) - that being installing a quit button in PvP. I didn’t provide any incorrect or misleading information of note of relevance to anyone else. Hence I found your overly-involved response uncessary and a bit of verbal tuggery.

I did however very much like your dances with dragons

I might add that my true area of expertise is statistics, I ended up moving fields and became a lecture in statistics and then did a couple of post-docs in statistical genetics. There have been many ocassions in which I could have given expert opinion on statistics on this forum but I haven’t so I’m not in the habit of sharing my academic expertise even in my area, so I certainly wasn’t doing it here

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