Please purchase a calendar

Someone at Ludia please invest in a calendar. Why did the monthly missions reset today? I mean, I know you don’t want to try and do it ON the 1st of the month, but why not wait until the first Monday after the 1st of any given month? Or do you just want people to accidentally (or on purpose) collect the rewards before the new pass is released? It seems like scheduling something properly would be relatively easy… then again…


I don’t even understand monthlies don’t reset with the start of the new pass. It’s just so user unfriendly for no reason other then Ludia being lazy.

Like you could say it’s being done so people burn their monthly before the new pass starts. But the pass is so easy to complete without them it doesn’t make any sense. Like I completed the giga pass with 9 days to spare with no monthlies… and I didn’t even 5/5 every day.

So no it’s just Ludia being Ludia for Ludia reasons.