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Please put FIP tokens in incubators

I feel this would be a great idea for the game because getting them in supply drops is in low quantity. How about putting 5 or 10 FIP tokens into the incubators? This way more players can get DNA quicker from the sanctuaries and they can level their dinos a lot quicker. Also would give incentive to battle in the arena.

What’s FIP?

Feed Interact Play
It is an acronym for it

Sanctuary items? Would be very useful in incubators, so will never happen.

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Thank you. I don’t think I’ve seen it referred to as that before.

That would be nice but I wouldn’t want to lose anything else to get them.

No problem it is an acronym that my alliance uses often

Yes sanctuary items and I totally agree although it would be great

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Or just make them purchaseable from the Store and put them in event towers/arena incs.

I want more of them if nothing so I can build my sanc faster. And seeing the animations never gets old.


That would also be great