Please read this community!

Someone suggested a community wide poll on the new geolocation thing so here it is:

  • Love it!
  • Love it but wrong time
  • Okay
  • Bad
  • Hate it

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Not a completely horrible concept… BUT… it wasn’t implemented at a good time, the range is laughably small, and the creatures just aren’t there to justify it really. Like, yes, new creatures on short-range, sure. They should have moved some other spawns around to flesh it out (i.e. put some event/battle exclusives in there), the range should be ~33% greater, and they should create Short Range Scents obtainable as a possible drop from weekly Scent Strikes. And then, yeah, COVID and all… doesn’t affect me too bad because I live somewhere that I can go outside and walk around without really encountering people, but lots of people don’t have that luxury.