PLEASE READ - Tournament Help Desperately Needed!

The alliance Great Southern Land is currently at 498,535 tournament points.
This leaves us only 1,465 points shy of a Tier 9 reward for the month.
We desperately need a new member (or temporary mercenary) who can join, and get 10 kills in tournament for us this morning to push us over 500,000.

If you are looking for a new permanent home, then great! We do have one spot available!
If you just want the Tier 9 incubator… I don’t care at this point.
Join, Kill. Profit.

Our alliance worked so hard for this all month,
I would hate to come up this short.
We only have 3 hours left. Please help us!

Private Message me for more information.

Important Note: You can’t have gotten points for another alliance in this tournament this week.

Keep in mind that any newcomer can’t have played in this same tournament in another Alliance for his/her points to count

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Correct… Thanks for the info.
We did find one player who was willing to help and his points are currently adding to our score.
Not sure if it will be enough, but we will see.

I still wouldn’t mind one more member to make sure, but I’m waiting for someone else to message me.
(I accidentally refused a level 15 because I forgot to open a space up before I accepted.)

This isn’t going to work, is it?
Ludia only adds up the top 50 members for any given tournament.
So, we would need someone who would get a score of 1500 points ABOVE our lowest member’s score.
I can’t see that happening.

At this point, it looks like we already had 50 players contribute this weekend.

sorry,i can’t help you,if i leave my team,it will negate the score by 15000 which they need to stay above 500 000

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First time in our Alliance’s history.

We had a member that had not done tournament this weekend, and he hopped on with two hours to spare and pushed us over the top. We also gained a new member that is excited to be a part of our team, so it was a double win this morning.


well done

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Thanks! We’re over the moon this morning. Our Discord is absolutely blowing up!

I think the big takeaway for our alliance is just how crucial it is for all 50 members to get all 10 kills every single weekend. I was shocked at the effort they were willing to put in. Some stayed up and were grinding overnight. That wouldn’t have been necessary if just one or two people had gotten 10 kills last week or the week before.

But, that’s a wakeup call and maybe things will be easier for us from here on out.

Nicely done you must have a very active alliance :grin: