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Please really solve this

Ludia, enough, I understand that they are trying to solve errors, but not enough, they keep jumping errors that supposedly “fix”, being that until now I only saw one that was fixed, I will continue playing but this is frustrating, I only lost because of the delay, He did not let me choose the creature and it was complicated because the opponent’s health did not appear either, which made me lose, please I want them to solve it because I am not the only one, and do not tell me “make sure you have enough MB and internet” because These factors are fine, and do not blame the devices because it is useless and we all know that it is not that, fix it and seriously, we already know, because as I said in the Play Store that you win it then lose, in this case for this error

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Hi there Spinosaurus130! I’m sorry for the trouble. If this is happening regularly, I recommend contacting our team directly with your support key at They’ll be happy to take a deeper look.