Please reconsider the 1 takedown rule in Tournaments and remove it for upcoming advantage

So we are only an hour or so into the current tournament with the new rule of “1 takedown to win” and quite honestly, it sucks. RNG is through the roof and even more then before, one missed stun or one crit can literally win or lose the game for you. Now there is an advantage tournament coming up with similar rules.


When you add boosts to the equation, the RNG is just amplified. There is still time to change this. Please remove the Victory Rules for this advantage tournament. We already have a 6-week format with a tournament in the middle of the week and I’m afraid burnout is going to be huge this month. Taking the frustrating RNG out of this one would help ease that burnout a little bit.


I completely agree. This format is more RNG based than anything in the game. Not only that but a single takedown completely takes away the joy of a battle where you’re trying to problem solve and play smarter. It doesn’t feel like a tournament should. Please guys change the format for advantage and give consideration to not doing this format again


This is the worst thing that has ever been done to a tournament. Pleeeease for the love of god do not do anymore one kills formats!!!


It’s very RNG biased, indeed.
The first 10 times, it may be exciting, but then it becomes little appealing…
RNG and speed tiers based on proximity to server, wifi quality, etc…not good!


I’m not liking this system too either.


I try to not complain about features of this game - but I do not enjoy this tournament “victory rule”.


Now, I’m all for a bit of diversity when it comes these tournaments, like the introduction of new rules and exclusion of certain types of creatures.

However, with the tournament you gain a victory by defeating just one creature, this means I will need to fight 10+ matches to gain the 1000 bonus points. Do Ludia just not think things through?..

Edit: I didn’t see this topic has already been made. However, it does echo the message I trying to get across. Thanks @Piere87 for making them aware :slightly_smiling_face:


They should at least reduce the creature kill count to a minimum of 5 instead of 10


For real- it’s so frustrating to get even the 10 takedowns done. The luck factor from what I’ve seen is sky high in this tournament.

Exactly- This is one such matchup that I was not at all proud of “winning”:

As you said, several matches are won and lost this way because of the RNG. Hoping Ludia notices this…


get ready people…we are going to do this for a month or 4 more times…


Don’t like it? Don’t play. Seriously. If they see the daily active user and average time in game plummit they won’t do it again. Things like this are metrics based not complaints based (sorry). Get your 10 and STOP PLAYING.

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I plan on getting my 10 takedowns but the point of this post is actually to try and get the advantage tournament changed before it happens. This is why I am making the plea now. So maybe there is time to get it changed. I know they will look at analytics and metrics after this weekend but I am simply pointing out that this format is scheduled to happen again.


I can’t even get my 10 kills. Now I’m worried I’m going to be dropped from my alliance. Really don’t like this tournament.


I must be in the minority but I like this tournament a lot. My takedowns took 30 minutes vs the usual 20 minutes, and even if a couple of battles had swung the other way, it wouldn’t have been a big difference because each battle takes ~3 minutes. And when I do lose, whether it’s because of RNG or my own mistakes, it’s not as frustrating because I didn’t spend the last 10 minutes of my life on that particular battle, which is what normal battles have become. That being said, this is all based on my experience with the skill tournament, I can’t speak for how the advantage one is going to be.


Imagine if you will, in the advantage tournament, your trying to get 10 kills, but you have to do 1 kill at a time, and the terrible match making keeps putting your lv 20 dino against a max boosted lv 30 dino. Youll get squashed. You might not even be able to do 10 kills during the weekend. Please take away the 1 takedown rule


has already happened to me plenty

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Can confirm.You are the minority

I’ve got 4 takedowns so far and I’m already bored stiff. Once I’ve got my ten, I’m out. Far too much swapping, all to take down one single dino.

I really hope this format never returns.

Seemed decent on paper,
Complete failure in practise.
I hope this one is never repeated


Agreed. They should have honestly made CRITICAL a zero % chance for all dinos in this tournament. Also, ten takedowns in this format to help out your alliance is insanity.