Please redesign this model

I finally unlocked this boi, and as much as im happy to have it, the model design just feels lazy.

I know this costs money, and i guess the creatures required to make it dont have alot of room to work with, but this just doesnt work for me.

Also, why didnt they make the snake boi a daily reward when it first came out? Ive never been more motivated to play the arena than i am now

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Designers: hey we got a new idea for a hybrid design

Ludia: okay, were listening

Designers: what if we make snake… but with crest and frills


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Give Constrictor it’s Spino arms too. Make it look unique dangit


Am I the only one happy with the Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor design? I especially love the shimmer on it.


I’m alright with them. I just love imagining what Spinocon would look like with Spinosaurus arms

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I think Dilophoboa looks pretty cool. Spinoconstrictor is just plain lazy, though.

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I would prefer to redesign his moveset and stats. Currently, Dilophoboa sucks

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I’m getting there… slowly. I cant wait to have 4 snakes on a team with 3 turtles and something else.

I can’t give my opinion on Spinoconstrictor yet since I don’t have it, I’ve just unlocked Dlophoboa 2 days ago.

Anyone got constrictor photos to share? Love to see that boi.


What are we expecting from a crested frilled dino and snake hybrid!!! I got what I expected…:thinking:

While true let’s look at some other hybrids

Exhibit A
Tyrannolophosaur while once agin like you it’s not much to wrk off just a trex and a small crested Dino but the difference is they actually changed the model enough to make it very appealing not only that it has a vey appealing and colorful palette considering this is its parents
Are very dull seen here

Next we have

Exhibit B


This once again is doing some creative even with not that unique material to work with and once again the color do a lot of the heavy lifting especially in the frill
And once again consider the parents

But then we have dilophoboa
Who for some reason unlike its cousins goes the dull route
And this things has no excuse to be like dull I mean it has this one of the greatest colored creatures to work off

So even if they don’t want to change the model maybe they could just make the colors pop more


it is a venomous snake. so agreed. the colors should pop more. wait… i’m thinking of frogs. but still.
and constrictor really needs taller sails. or do something like concav’s sail, but split up down the back.

The snakes as a whole need to be redesigned.

That includes their animation when darting them.

The teeth are wrong, the movement is very wrong, even the animations while they attack is wrong.

Constrictors strike first, then constrict. Not the opposite.

For Dilopho, if its “frill” was more like a cobras, it would be better.

What confuses me is that Boa’s aren’t venomous, yet this thing has a venomous counter (that SUCKS) , but its a constrictor.

It also doesn’t have the fangs for a venomous snake either.

Color wise, there is no difference between male and female for all snakes I’m aware of. Females are generally larger though.

Remember, these are JP DILOs. They’re the ones that supply the venom. And some venomous snakes don’t have fangs.

ok. that has piqued my interest. i was under the impression that all venomous snakes had fangs. Research time.


I mean how would they inject the poison if they didn’t have fangs? Also even by that logic the Dilo’s DNA would make it spiting venom so again fangs are suuuuupper inaccurate.