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Please reduce *common* daily migration spawn rates

I really like the daily migration idea. The greater variety and freeing many spawns from parks is appreciated.

Could the team tone down the common rate, though? The daily is overwhelming the local and global rates making tarbo, raptor, gray goose, etc. hard to grind. Maybe to 3/4 of current?

I know the locals and globals get seven days instead of one, however the one is full blast and each one subsequently depresses the local and global consistently.

This was earlier today and what I have been seeing in general. All daily migration common.



I have the same observation. It rocked with Anky G2 (I’ve been trying to level that one up forEVER) but you know it’s bad when you’re running low on Suchomimus because the Daily Common Dino is crowding them out.

In addition… the other two “dailies” that are not common? I’m barely seeing them, if at all. By day of the week:
Tue 0 Procerathomimus, 2 Elasmotherium
Wed 0 Maiasaura, 0 Ankylocodon
Thu 1 Marsupial Lion (way out of the way when I couldn’t just take off and chase it), 0 Purutaurs (sp?)
Fri 3-4 T-Rex G2, 0 Edmontoguanadon

This is why so many people complain; it’s a classic mistake: allowing a gap between the expectations people have, based on what you promise, and what you actually deliver. I wouldn’t be upset about not seeing any Eddy today if promotional materials I saw earlier in the week didn’t suggest that I would see him.

Lots of 1.7 (and 1.6 before it) is like this. I wish Ludia would give the folks writing the code (and the beta testers) more time to work out all the kinks, get a smoothly running product, and only when everyone is confident it will work for everyone then maybe a few teasers 2-3 days before releasing the patch. Or perhaps making lots of smaller incremental updates instead of trying to introduce so much at once, which just increases the odds that new pieces are not going to play well with each other, or the existing game. Some of the new stuff is really cool, but that gets lost and forgotten because of all the things that are broken.

Sorry for that tangent; I’ll stop now.


Oh yeah. I’m feelin’ it too. I went over to the G2 Draco spawning grounds today. I just needed 4 to level my Dracoceratops. I swept the area and got one. And a second one off a 5-minute scent.
I’ve also moved to Suchomimus territory and I want to level my Suchotator. And I want Parasaurolophus. I’ve been seeing Paras about as much as the day-of-the-week rare spawns now. It’s just… too much… Too much Iguanodon to breathe…
Please don’t fix it before Sunday though. I want lots of G2 Dilo for my Tyrannolophosaur :smiley:

I personally like the overflooding commons, it’ll help me get a few levels on Stegod when Stegosaurus is everywhere. I actually had pretty decent luck with these. So far I’ve found, 2 Lions and a Purutarus on their day. I wouldn’t mind a slight toning down though. :smile:


Yeah im like its been hours since i seen a majunga loving these new commons.

But Steggy…


Just let it go like this until atleast Sunday lol need to restock on dilo g2 :sweat_smile:

It would be nice if they rotated them around some after a month or two… they prolly wont so eventually toning them down would be nice.

This is what I’m mostly worried about.

The dilo g2 tomorrow will get me a level on ten-rex. Wonderful! However, in a month, we’ll be hurting for raptors and tarbo more than any of the daily migration dinos.

I am very happy with the migrations. I only suggest a slight attenuation of the commin spawn to let the local and globals come through.

Maybe it won’t be so bad during the weeks that the hybrid pursuit dino is not also common.


yeah some daily dinos are really useful and would not mind if they are all over the place, but can’t find velo and tarbo at night becuase of these messed up spawns so it hurts a bit :slight_smile:

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Its time dependant when you get an overflow of dailys as i had more locals going to work then when i did coming back home

Any chance that happens in the hour “off” between one day and the next, like how the green stops disappear at 9 am Ludia time and the new set shows up at 10 am?

Honest question, I haven’t paid attention if the migration follows that same pattern.

They usualy change mienight uk time

I like the flood. I can stegosaurus at last and anything is better than Diplocaulus.

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One things to keep in mind for those looking for stuff like Velo and tarbo is this…

Daily migrations animals will not spawn from scents. You can use common scents for velo and tarbo.

Daily migrations no longer spawn anywhere else in the game, to the point none of them have nest spawns.

So if you lower the spawn rates on the one day these guys show up you make it difficult for anyone attempting to get these commons.

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NOOOOOOOOO! I’ve been Stego deprived since 1.5. That thing is used for 3 hybrids and these screwballs threw the thing in parks! I got 6K DNA of these things so far today and hope to get another 6K DNA or more.

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I feel like the commons are completely flooding the map for sure, but rares are kinda weird… I must have gotten at least 20 lions, and saw rex gen2 damn near everywhere yesterday…but all day I’ve seen zero purolyths? I’ve seen a ton of rares, even 1 suchotator, but 0 purolyth. Also, all week I’ve seen exactly zero of the migrating epics…

This is my point… you depend on saturdays for your stego dna and currently there is no way you can spawn more stegos. Other then the spawns the game gives you.

Any one needing a specific local or global spawn can obtain scents and use them without worrying about spawning the dailies. They also can target those dinos nest.

Hybrid rares are far more rare than non-hybrids. I think it’s like 10x more rare from normal spawns, probably the same for dailies (metahub/dataminer could probably confirm).

I also saw 0 anklylocodon or purrolyth so far, but 30+ lions and rexG2.

I was very happy with Tanyco though. I don’t mind commons. It helps to get the daily and alliance missions too as commons are easiest to dart