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Please refrain from adding unique advantage tournaments!

Boosted uniques are for the Arena, not tournaments! It’s already frustrating enough to play one advantage unique tournament. Two in a row? Ludia, you are just beating up the majority of the players.

Arena has already been ruined with too many Apexes. Now, Ludia is ruining the tournaments with a flood of boosted uniques. Please don’t try to fix one issue by adding more problems!


What are you talking about? There was only one Unique advantage tournament, the other was a skill tournament.


There was one last month. I consider that as two in a row

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That’s not how that works, no matter what you consider.

That’s like saying [insert favorite sports team] won two games in a row when they didn’t, because the victories would have to be back to back, and they weren’t.


Well apex will dominate arena, they already kind of do. Uniques will become part of advantage but still work in arena.

I really appreciated this tournament, to be honest. Yes, it was similar to the arena, but still much more balanced.
Already start to miss it today after seeing again Magnus, Lux and Mrex in every single PVP battle.


You are arguing for the sake of arguing. It’s impossible to have 2 advantages back to back.

There have never been unique advantages before. Now we have 2 in 2 months.


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No, I’m telling you’re wrong. There’s a difference.

So you agree then, there weren’t two Unique advantage tournaments in a row.

And frankly, I hope they have at least one Unique or Legendary advantage tournament every month. I’m sick and tired of Epic advantage tournaments dominating the Championships.


Unique tournaments are a breath of fresh air after so so many epic advantage tournaments. I quite like them thank you. We used to only get a unique skill one during a 5 week championship.


I kinda liked it.
For some reason I forgot to unboost Dio during the shuffle and I had recently benched Tryko. It was actually fun to play that beast again without being swap in stunned all the time.


I have alternative perspective on unique advantage tourneys, considering that a lot of people have their dinos they wanna use. As a player with only like 10 uniques most being the less useful ones, this tourney is hard and can be demotivating to play especially cos once I’ve done like 20 battles I’ve only gone up a hundred trophies and end up with a participation prize of like 10 epic DNA… so my proposal is to actually buff the lower end prizes so that people will wanna get in the top 5000 brackets, and then hopefully the leader board won’t feel like a staircase with some enormous stairs.

In general, I do hope they increase of the top5000-20000 range on all tournament types to get more involvement from everyone, considering i estimate at least around 60-100k people being of the level to enter tournaments.

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When it comes to tournaments, the only thing I want from them is an ALL COMMON TOURNAMENT.

I miss them, they were so much fun…


APEXES belong in the arena and are kinda ruining the fun in many players’ opinions. This allows us to have a unique-free experience


I loved, loved, loved, LOVED this past weekends Unique Advantage tournament.

Wanna know why? NO SWAP IN CERAT!!!
There were still a lot of SIA (tsk, just no skill), but at least I wasn’t seeing CERATS swapping in doing 2480+ damage

Dracorats and Monorats are a little easier to deal with. So please, give us more unique advantage tournaments Ludia.


And don’t forget the crit rate on that abomination. Never seen a 20% rate hit as many times as that thing does. Swaps in it crits, accelerates it crits. Your Dino is pretty much dead in the water then. They filleted poor Mono bird into oblivion why not take that nasty thing down a couple pegs.

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Nothing should be able to do that much damage on a swap in. Ever.

I just had a Magnus with that attack power - it crit on the rampage and OHKO’d my Morty, after swapping in on my much faster Magna and KO’ing her. ~balance~

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I feel championships and arena should be different.

Championships have always been epic and rare with an occasional legendary and then of course the unique skill on a 5 tournament month.

Arena is for your upper tier hybrids such as unique and some legendary.

It’s been nice to have the championships set up this way so that we can avoid the monster of arena and not have so many long battles and rng as well as so many resistances.

With the introduction of apex creatures, arena is evolving into a new monster of its own. Apex creatures take over the arena and your uniques become less used or not as good due to the new tier in town.

Championships took the hit for this. This new introduction of unique advantage tournaments (assuming it’s a new thing). Is making certain tournaments into “the old arena”. Now players can use their uniques again without these apex creature beast taking over. For these arena players, this new tournament is a breath of fresh air. For tournament teams such as myself and many other competitive teams, it is awful.

For tournament players, we don’t build legendary and unique as we focus on rare/epic for tournaments. Arena players focus on Unique and some legendary but now apex for arena.

The introduction of apex creatures has shook the whole game and not only ruined arena for many but has now ruined championships if we seem to get these every month now opposed to what we’ve had the last year and a half since the championships were introduced.

Personally, I hated this last weekend. The battles were too long. It wasn’t fun. If I wanted to play arena I would. I barely did any tournament battles this month and it has always been my thing. Despite me hating battling altogether I did tournaments as a team effort for us to enjoy something collectively.

Now myself as many others I’ve spoke to are not happy with the unique x2 advantage again this month. We were hoping it was a one off or once in a while. Now we see this could become a new thing and it’s very discouraging. For those of us who don’t like to use arena creatures or want a change of pace, tournaments had been that little place to find enjoyment.

I’ve thought of a few things to why this could happen, the unique advantage tournaments. Obviously the go to thought is more money for ludia. If they introduce a new type of tournament ideally more players will invest into more boost, coins, and cash to work on these legendary and unique creatures. Where in the past they would only work on rare and epic. So you’ve opened the pool from 2 types (rare/epic) to 4 types (rare/epic/legendary/unique) or 6 if you include rare and epic hybrids separate from non hybrids. More creatures used = more resources needed = more money for ludia.

I still am a free to play player. I have never boosted a legendary or unique and I don’t plan on doing it. I guess I’ll have to suffer in these new tournament types. I’ll level some legendary up and work on the unique I enjoy using.

I guess this will be the new normal. I wish we could have a survey from the community on it but with majority of players focusing on arena over championships I know the unique x2 and unique advantage tournaments would be in favor.

That’s my 2 cents for those who read it lol.


Exactly. If I wanted to battle in the arena that’s where I would be. After this reshuffle we had i restructured my team for the rare/epic/legendary advantage tourneys. We saw how that’s played out now with uniques on the weekend battlefield. I figure a couple things caused this move. Some select players let Ludia/Jam City know it should be introduced and/or more income needed generating as you indicated. :disappointed: