Please refund all stat boost on dinosaurs that were edited

Why us it fair that we have to take a 50% cut when they modify a dinosaur after we all have boost into it? They changed draco after everyone dropped all their attack boost into it, and the attack doesnt even help with it’s new swap in mechanic. So come on ludia wheres the fairness in this? I believe everyone deserves FULL refunds on any dinosaur that recieved a change. These changes usually change which boost we use too. I’m not taking no 50% back for something they did. This is bogus


I think it’s fine as it is. We gotta choose what to boost with the understanding at any time it could get nerfed. We shouldn’t be given boost refunds.


Then theres no point in playing because down the line they will edit all tyrants into apex, to make things balanced and fair. So this entire game is a sinkhole for your cash


Any game is a sinkhole for cash. Best spend your cash wisely instead of throwing it on pixels.


Best thing to do is balance your boosts rather than overpower.


I feel like you are missing the point. Even if you balanced draco, the attack boost no longer helps its swap in skill which is the whole reason people boosted it in the first place. So now you take a 50% cut loss because of something ludia did.


Ludia changes dinos all the time. stats change. abilities change. basically almost everything about a dino can change. those who have been through the game for more than a single patch know this.

and in all honesty, swap in rampage (DSR as well) was not an ability that should’ve been created and given to the player base. it could take out too many dinos (at full health or with some form of chip damage) that it decrease variety. Boosts compounded the problem. Since boosts weren’t going away, there was only 2 options. create a counter to swap in rampage that was as easy to create and level, or change the ability to something else. So changing it to something else entirely was chosen, and it’s not that bad. It is still a powerful attack (situational, but still powerful). strength wise, according to Ludia’s algorithm, it is where it should be with how easy its components are to level. (monolometrodon uses 2 commons as well so that should be a rough line of where the power should be)

as for boosts, at least you can get half back. before 2.0 all those boosts would’ve been stuck where they were. Both systems are set up to make people buy more boosts. its for Ludia to make money off of them. at lest this time we only take a partial loss instead of the whole shebang.


I’m not saying DSR wasnt a problem, but after changing it to a % based attack, we all should have gotten refunded 100%. How is 50% even fair? They released draco with DSR and we played with it, sure it needed to be changed, and it did but it changed how the dinosaur actually works. Meaning our boost are now wrong for ideal top tier, and now we have to lose 50% to try and fix it?


That is actually not true at all.
The best use of boost is placing your boost on the dinosaur that will make it to the end game. Preferably the Tyrant or High Apex creatures. Otherwise it is a waste of your resources, which in this case is boost, when the dinosaur you are using is replaced.
Now if all you have is Tyrants, that won’t get nerfed out of the end game, like Dracoceratops was, than you have a solid argument in how to use your boosts.

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White cat, my concern is all tyrants will eventually get kicked down to apex tier, thus no dinosaur is safe.

Also I’d like to point out that while I support ludia boost return of 50%, just not when THEY edit or change a dinosaur. This is on them, not us

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There seems to be many players, who actively get satisfaction from other players losing precious resources in boost, to the rebalancing(nerf) of dracoceratops. Some even tell these people who complain about it that “things get nerfed, and you should expect it.” I see this argument as a lack of empathy. This same group of people appear to have a high correlation to people who disliked dracoceratops and wanted it nerfed in the first place, so perhaps their arguments is based on some form of confirmation bias as well as a lack of empathy. I would hate to think the majority of these arguments was some type of Schadenfreude, but some clearly are.
I noticed many of these same people recently really disliked what they thought was an apparent nerf to Thylocator based on patch notes and how they were frustrated on what happened to their investment. Some might say this argument is hypocritical. I personally hope it gave people empathy toward others, who are in the same position.

I find the OP valid. I personally, think the solution is any creature that gets any type of change, should be awarded an option to reset the boost on that creature. The player base should not suffer, every time the company does a “re-balance”.
Instead the company should work harder at creating a balanced game, and be willing to do a mea culpa when they make mistakes. We want to have goalposts that don’t move on us. We want to have a target that won’t be nerfed. We don’t want to live in fear of investing in a creature, because it might get nerfed.


Procera and indoraptor gen2 received no changes “at this time” but theres no saying when or wont they. So half of the people are raising to high level (easier than uniques) and overboosting, while the other half of the people are living in fear that if they boost itll get nerfed and theyll lose resources over it. So they dont even get to use it and just get the brunt end of the stick in the current meta. Tbh no dinosaurs should really get nerfed, all new dinosaurs should affect the meta. If a dinosaur is really damaging it requires a nerf, then nerf it and reimburse all the players who dropped into it and that’s that


I’m going to disagree with this and here is why. If nerfs and rebalances did not happen, the game would continuously have an ever advancing power creep to the point that everything is utterly broken compared to the old, essentially nerfing the old anyway. And new mechanics arent nessecarily thought about 3 patches ago, so no one was balancing with them in mind.

Rebalancing with the current mechanics and potentially future mechanics should happen to reduce that powercreep.

And reading more of your points, I think a redistribution of boosts of the dinos that got changed isnt a bad idea. Tho being this is ludia, I’m not hopeful something will happen without people raising a larger stink about it than they did with DC.


While older dinosaurs should every once in a while recieve a rebalancing to stats, if they really felt the need to rebuff an older dinosaur with a different kit, it probably wouldnt even use the same stat boost you originally had for it. So again if ludia does changes to skills, we need our boost back to properly put them in the right place. It’s one thing to power creep with new dinosaurs, but to go back and shake the bottle on an older dinosaur, make it something different than it once was, we should get our boost back because we didnt invest in this new thing they just gave us, we invested in a dinosaur that was made to do something different

Edit: I dont really mean like adding immunity to indoraptor, that didnt change his kit (actual battle moves) he still does the same thing, but for a swap in rampage to go % based made it a completely different dinosaur


To be honest, it is 50% fewer boosts in the game so I’m fine with it.

“Its fine, ludia can scam 50% of everyone’s boost just by changing up a dinosaur” instead of doing the proper thing and release NEW dinosaurs that eclipse current dinosaurs. Power creep is a thing and it’s ok. We didnt even need to fear draco anymore with his rampage, we just picked up the turtle and smiley with 50% armor. What 3k attack on draco? Would only do 1500, and with shield 750. All new dinosaurs should target dinosaurs that are badly affecting the meta

The problem is, as soon as they start doing this (if they ever do), you’ll get calls for other boost refunds as well.

For example, say they changed Erlidominus’ cloak to be unaffected by nullifying moves for whatever reason. People who boosted Quetzorion as their anti-Erlidom dino would demand a refund, since it affects them indirectly. Some people would argue “it’s still usable”. Well, yeah, but so is Dracoceratops. It’s just that their purpose has changed. It would be never-ending.

Boosts are just a nuisance in general. Although I feel for the people who end up in this scenario, you could always look on the bright side - you won loads of trophies during that time. It’s not ideal, but I doubt that Ludia care about this in all honesty.

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You say I won loads of trophys like I boosted procera draco and indo, I didnt, sure I had some attack in draco, but my procera and Indo are 16 and I could care less about them. I still care that when ludia shakes the bottle, they need to clean up their own mess and not make the players to pay for it. We should not be living in fear of “what if ludia nerfs?”, it should be “what will ludia make next that will make this dino suck?”

Add some flavor, not shake the bottle


That’s not profitable for them so not gonna happen, sorry but you lost your boosts, you can refund them yourself for 50% the amount and buy the ones you lost from the special sale no biggie

They are already losing profits left and right. I havnt dropped a dime into this game since April 2019. And I wont until they fix their own hot mess. I’m not seeing anything positive about players suffering because of random changes to make dinosaurs meta relevant. So why would I pay developers who could care less about their players? It’s only fair to us that we get what we paid for if they make a dinosaur completely different at the end. Otherwise this is gunna be like a never ending stock game. Procera broke now everyone boost, procera nerfed everyone unboost, procera broke everyone boost. Loop