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Please reinstall Irritator in "featured creatures" - Poll

As 1.7 datamine already revealed and confirmed by the actual “fierce creatures” week we are having at the moment: Ludia removed Irritator from the featured “fierce creatures”.

Please give us back an(y) opportunity to obtain Irritator DNA outside Arena incubators.

As we are probably not having another “fierce” week any time soon, you could maybe run a suiting hybrid pursuit…

  • Yes, I agree
  • I don’t care
  • No, are you crazy?

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I added a poll, to give that suggestion (hopefully) more weight - please take part, thanks.

It made no sense to remove it in the first place.


it made $en$e
and dollars too of course

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I thought that too initially…

But now you can super boost Magnas into oblivion for much cheaper than it would cost to speed up incubators hoping for irri DNA

I was hoping that even despite all the new changes, the desire to hunt would remain … now it’s just comparatively inefficient.

I dunno :man_shrugging:t4:

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Well, I for one would love to be able to unlock it in the first place.

Hard to boost and fight with holograms :wink:


Moving topic up, maybe a few more want to take part in the poll or comment.

An interesting survey. Example of what in another post I have suggested.

Who is not interested that Irritator can be obtained from time to time for free? Who pays large amounts and does not want competition (neither legal nor cheats).

Who’s interested? Everyone else.

Maybe they move it to power up type?

Is there even a power up creature left that isn’t already in fierce week?
Just hoping they moved it to some kind of “arena exclusive week”. It would have enough Dinos to be a thing

Commons: Phorus, Galli, Stiggy2, Miragaia
Rares: Irri, Bary2, Purru, Procerato
Epics: Pachy, Alanqa, Stiggy

Since people are kinda forced to choose here, no one walks away with a load of exclusive DNA if they were all in separate themed weeks? Idk just a guess

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