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Please release the 1.15 notes

Its been like a month since we started getting teasers with the families.

No more teasers. Just give us the notes.

There are a lot of people waiting to decide if we’re going to quit, so please free us from this burden and let us quit this game.

Release the notes!

Release the notes!

(Everyone come on, chant along!)



Patience. We’ll get them when we get them.

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Probably this friday


I’d say next week if anything, although I wouldn’t even be mad if they took another week to fully release the update.

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Release them today.

We’ve been patient.


they’ve been teasing us for a month, we need them already



would like for the patch notes to drop. doesn’t mean they update has to happen that next Tuesday. i would just like time to read through them and discuss with everyone.



100% this.

just release the notes. Who cares, when the update drops. Well I mean I care about that too. But releasing the notes hurts no one! It gives us time to adjust, set up new goals, hunt creatures. Its win win for ludia. Especially if any of the creatures in those horrific Canada day bundles are useful ever.


If we were being realistic about this, Ludia usually drops the patch notes 1-2 days before the update, and those updates are on Mondays so the patch notes I think would be dropped on Thursday or Friday.

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patch notes typically drop Fridays EDT. then updates typically happen that Tuesday.

Ok but time isn’t even a thing right now.

We’ve been locked up for 100+ days now. So why not just release the notes today to appease everyone (me) and if they want to update next week, sure. Go for it.

Quite frankly all of the “teasers” have been boring except the first one where they revealed co-op. I don’t care about the new families - I care about the potential nerfs and buffs.

It’s also pretty useless saying “these guys have taunt” without telling us exactly how taunt works. Is it like in Pokemon, where the enemy can only use attack moves? Or is it more like other games where taunting forces the enemy to fight that opponent? Without knowing, it’s useless information.


Like I don’t know what the hold up is.

I even said “please”

Hey @Ned is ludia working today bc its Canadian day? If they’re not, will you just post the notes and then you can delete them later. They’ll never know.


Ned isn’t the one that posts the notes.

So what typically happens for an update?

I take it information on update is given/released on a Friday. And then there is an actual update 4 days later. Does Ludia take in feedback during these 4 days. Cos if they do, then they should give more time. Especially since i hear this is gonna be a major update.

Do we just download the new update from play store when ready on tuesday?


:laughing: I don’t have the notes. :male_detective: :shushing_face:


So you’d benefit from the release too!

That settles it! Release the notes!


They are open to feedback, but the majority of things won’t change between the note drop and the actual update. Some things can be changed right away such as stats. Smilonemys originally had a 1500 attack stat in the notes, but was dropped super quick before release. (maybe it was shortly after. it’s been a while)

when the update is scheduled, the game will be unavailable to play until their maintenance mode is over. so be sure to note the time when they say so you don’t pop a scent.


The typically release patch notes friday, so everyone can read them and criticize things.

Monday they mention that they will have downtime on Tuesday, at that moment everyone goes to the FB groups and asks if thats because of the update.

On tuesday they do the update. Everyone posts on the forums & facebook about the game being down. Numerous people complain because they were using a scent right as it happened.

Then the update is complete and we can play the new version and immediately come to forum to discuss the new bugs.