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Please remove/change monster role daily quests

I always get irked when I see these quests. They do not show hints in the doorways for dailies so it always takes me 10 runs of a dungeon to get this daily quest and that’s way too many. Here are my suggestions to make it better:

  • Remove role quests from the daily quests. This is probably the worst solution because the game needs variety but it probably is the easiest fix.

  • Add the quest hint to the doorways for daily quests. This would help but some monster roles seem more rare than others

  • Reduce the amount needed to complete the quest. 25 is way too much! Drop it to 5 and it will still take 2-3 runs on average. That’s plenty for a daily quest.

  • Make bosses that do not have a role count as EVERY role. This way we have 3 guaranteed counts for this daily quest per run.

  • Give us the ability to nix one of the daily quests like we can with the non daily ones. It could count for that day’s change. That way the devs can tell which ones we skip and make adjustments to the entire system.

  • Make PC roles count. That way those that like the pvp more can still work off these quests without needing to spend so much time in PVE


This is after three dungeon challenges. At this rate I have to complete 10 more. Please at least consider one of my suggestions.

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I agree, the door sigils should show quest monsters.

But the issue isn’t really about monster types in daily quests. Know which challenge has what archetype more frequently. My experience says mighty is more frequently found in Harvestshield.

And don’t wildcard the boss monsters. Otherwise you just repeatedly run through the low level challenges to finish the quest, which sort of defeats the point

Most of the other daily quests are designed to be completed after three runs. I would think if someone wants to blow through the weaker dungeons a dozen times to do it then let them. They being said I am not asking for all of my suggestions to be iterated. I’m just throwing out ideas any of which are better than what is implemented currently

Why not change it to:
“Defeat 25 Monsters with the Hero archetype: Sturdy”

So, if your Hero with the right archetype gets the killing stroke on a monster, you get 1 point.

Then you can speed run it by making a team of as many of the proper archetype as you can, or just play your regular team while grinding and try and line up kills with the right archetype hero.

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