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Please remove Daily Battle Incubator from daily missions list

I noticed that my daily challenges list doesn’t change each day as it used to. Now it is obligatory to get 1 daily incubator to receive Trex DNA. I’m not very happy that Ludia forces people to use the battle arena. I prefer friendly challenges as all my opponents have same level dinos. Please remove it from the list. Many thanks.


The Arena is an integral part of the game. If you don’t want to participate don’t expect to get the same rewards as everybody else.


It is not obligatory. Today I don’t have to do a daily battle incubator to get my TRex reward. So it does change but not every day. Also daily battle incubators are needed for the alliance missions too, so if you are in an alliance and you don’t want to get the daily battle incubator then you aren’t contributing to your alliance.

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They aren’t going to change the game just for you specifically. It’s a really entitled attitude to even write a sentence asking for this to happen when you know the battle arena is one of the core parts of the game.

Also, it is not obligatory since it DOES change every once in a while.

Rather than daily incubator, please remove the friendly challenge :joy: cause to achieve it you have to find someone who battle with you, to do the daily incubator you can do whenever you want


I agree with you @Marco_A

I’m sorry but I do contribute by darting, looping supply drops, doing friendly challenges and what not.

@T-Wrecked Entitled attitude? I think I used word “please” in my post. Also, I never asked to remove the battle arena. I only asked to remove that one requirement from daily missions. Before I had it 2-3 times per week but now every single day. I don’t want to use until they make it fair.

It will keep on appearing, unless you complete it. After you complete it, it will not reappear for a couple of days…


If you prefer frendly battles than there is no need to upgrade dinos :smile:


Well I still need to upgrade dinos to unlock unique dinos. :wink:

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You should be contributing in all ways possible. Otherwise you are leaving the rest of your alliance to battle in the arena to get the daily battle incubator.

You get one daily battle incubator a day, so if you have an alliance of 50 and you have people that don’t battle because they don’t like the fact battle incubators are part of daily and alliance missions then you are holding your alliance back because everyone is limited to just 1 a day.


Some alliance members are not even active so I’m doing more work anyway. Not everyone has time to go out and spend hours looping supply drops or darting so I cover them with that. Also, I’m very generous with donations (more than some players with level 26-30 dinos…) so please don’t accuse me of not contributing enough. :confused:

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The word “please” does not suddenly negate the entitled attitude from your question.

The fact that anyone believes they can simply come here and make a very specific demand, like removing a requirement from the daily mission based solely on the reasoning that they don’t like having to do it since it is not their preference, is in itself an entitled attitude. Hoping the game will make this change because of your displeasure at participating in a way that everyone else does is selfish.

It’s as if I was to make a ridiculous request like “I don’t want to play against Asian people because I don’t like them” but if I say it with “please” does that make my request no longer racist? No.


The game doesn’t revolve around you. Plus daily battle incubator is easy to obtain. You don’t even have to win any matches. You just have to make sure to take down a dino or two each match.

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I’m sorry but I’m not the only one that thinks that the battle arena is not fair and very broken. I don’t want to use it because it only frustrates me when I have to battle with high level dinos when mine aren’t.

I could say the same thing about your attitude of judging whether I’m contributing enough in my alliance or not.

How is this request going to affect you anyway? It’s not like it would make the game much worse. In the end, it’s in Ludia’s court to make that decision. Let’s agree to disagree.

You’re right. It doesn’t. But I can share my thoughts and complain about something as much as any other people on this forum. :slight_smile:

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Hate to break it to u but JWA is a competitive game. You are suppose to level up your dinos, go to the arena to battle and earn trophies. And that’s also how Ludia make their $. Imagine everyone decided to do friendlly and no one battle in arena anymore? Anyway, it is Ludia’s dna to give, u don’t get jack if u don’t want to play by their rules. It’s as simple as that.

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For the record,I didn’t say you aren’t contributing to your alliance, that was what the other people said. I only said your request was entitled.

The solution is to level up your dinosaurs. You can’t make your personal problem an issue for everyone else. That’s like saying “I don’t have enough money to pay for this car so I think it should just be free.”

Just because other people think the battle arena is broken does not suddenly mean that this daily mission requirement is bad. You don’t even need to win battles to fulfill the daily battle incubator so this reason you provided does not support your claim.

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Yes, that is very true. This game a competitive one. I used to like the battle arena when it was fair but then something happened to the match making system and I had to face level 26-30 dinos and mine were only level 20-22. This is exactly why I’m in favour of friendly challenges as both players have the same level dinos. I would be ok if I had to fight against 1-2 level higher dinos but a few levels more is not fair.

@T-Wrecked I know I don’t have to win battles to obtain it. But I don’t want to get upset and frustrated with the game so I’m trying to avoid it.

Incomplete challenges remain until complete.

I know this from the friendly challenge staying there for 3 weeks until I added some friends and got it done.

Would be nice if the daily challenges were a clean slate each day. Then you’d get the Trex on half the days. If you are a stubborn type. :slight_smile:

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