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Please remove dracoceratops crit from swap in DSR

No one likes this whole swap in shattering rampage. It really puts a dent in strategies etc. But at the end of the day if thats the direction you (ludia) want to take the game into then sure. Some hate it, some think its just another layer to the game. Alright then.

But! Please for all thats holy remove the ability for swap in shattering rampage to crit. Its a fair nerf. The move should not be allowed to grab a win when you’ve even predicted your own dinos hp to match the swap in shattering rampage. This really needs to be addressed.


I’ve actually thought on making this exact request, but don’t think they’ll listen. Once I lost to a Draco SIA crit in my Erlido THROUGH CLOAK. Awesome feeling!


I don’t think they will either but they really need to. This one move is messing the Arena up for everyone.

How unfair suggesting such a thing on World Rat Day 2019.

Speaking of the rat, this is the view you don’t get to see in the game.


I agree 100%, If the swap in shattering rampage must remain in the game, at the very least it should never crit.

See, now this is a fair request. I wouldnt have an issue with them changing its % to crit to 0. It already has a strong upside and how if your swapping to dracocera hoping it to crit… your most likely already losing the match.

There’s no more or less reason to remove the 5% crit from DC than from any other dino. That said, I don’t think removing 5% crits altogether is necessarily a bad idea, points can be made for both sides.

“No one likes this whole swap in shattering rampage”.


I love it. I hope Ludia keeps it around for a while. Draco for the Win.


I love it took me a while to get dracoceratops the move makes it worth getting why does anyone have a problem with it it is just part of the game the only people that complain about it are the ones losing to it level up so you can beat it right?

The problem people have with it isn’t the fact that it’s so op .
Not only can it do 2 times defence shattering damage , it can be regenerated to come back to do it again , and has a 5% chance of a crit too . There isn’t a unique with these abilities , and it makes a mockery of the mechanics of levelling up etc…

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Or just add some buffs to all the other dinos. I go out and get about 1,500 dna of draco gen 2 a day and I already have 35,000 tri gen 2 dna. This is easier to get than an epic lol but causes a big problem in arena. No dinos are level 25 where I’m at in trophies except dracos. Even harder to level up monolometrodon but that dino is actually balanced and doesn’t have any cheap shot mechanics. The only time I lose atm is because of dc high level 22-25. Most dinos in my trophy rank are 18-21.

So going against a swapping regen rinse and repeat lvl 25 is awfully boring. I mean nothing really to do except level Thor up. But that takes work. Where as draco is a common, over leveled, and easy dino to get. I’ll go get another 1,500 draco gen 2 dna today and that’s without even trying much. Imagine if I loved dc and really hunted it could probably pull 3k dna a day. I still keep the thing benched.

If nerf scares ppl add buffs to a bunch of other dinos to counter this skill-less act.

I rarely ever see dracorex so it took me a while to make and mines still I think lvl 16


Most people only bring in the rat, if it’s going for a kill, maybe 1/10 of the time they don’t

1 in 20 times it will crit

So 1 in 200 times this might be an issue

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