Please remove Friendly Match in daily missions

It was fine already having daily match exculded in missions. Now it is back again. Nobody wants to annoy people cathing and scenting dinos on the road, nor anyone wants to be annoyed. Not everyone has the time to wait for an idle person, and not everyone has a large circle of friends. People play to relax, have fun and temporarily escape from work, and friendly challenge in a daily mission seems more like a job rather than a fun thing to do.


This is what happens when they work on an update and start from a previous one that either had bugs or like this, a feature they had removed and forgot it was there. I have 2 accounts so this was never a problem and this one didn’t come up in either account today. I see the new feeding and interacting in my list of to-do items.

Totally second the motion!!! Or at least, add a third button:

Do you accept the challenge?:
“Yes”, “No”, “Very sorry can’t right now because I’m busy”

Nothing I hate more than totally ignoring a teamate’s challenge because I’m on a rare or epic scent. And as you said, I hate bugging my teamates.


Signed! I was very glad they removed friendly battles from the daily. Now it’s back :confused: I have a full alliance willing to help but it’s not fun and I hate getting request like already mentioned when I’m hunting or using a scent.

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Agree with this post topic

I’m glad they’re back. At least this way we get the alliance mission to at least level 4 again.
A match takes only a few minutes, so I don’t know why this is a problem compared to the sometimes 12 battles you need to do for daily. Or at least 4 for daily battle incubator, or at least 2 wins for the amount of required incubators.
In my alliance there is always someone who doesn’t mind the battle, especially now they also need it for themselves again. Improving the buttons with “Can’t right now” or “Not today” or something would be a welcome addition, though.
Daily missions are a challenge, not a giveaway. I see no reason why it should be super duper easy for everyone. Some people don’t want to battle because of matchmaking issues. Fine. Don’t battle. Don’t adapt. Also, don’t complain about dailies. Some people find 5k DNA per day too much. Fine, don’t grind, don’t waste your DNA requests with easy to obtain DNA. Your loss. Same with this. The daily missions are trying to get you involved in every aspect of the game, randomly. It’s fine the way it is.


I have one today too. Please remove them again.

but arent ALL daily missions like a job?
this game is full of tasks, like daily tasks, missions tasks, daily incubator, and etc.

i like very much friendly battles. and for me its more “relaxing” than arena battle, because you play your main team or change to play other dinos that you wont in arena. all set to same level and if you miserably loose, you wont complain about matchmaker.

the thing we should ask is improve friendly system to not touch any online friend, boring every one that doesnt wanna battle, without knowing if player is ok to battle or not. like a DND option, or a “im ready to battle” or many other solutions.

and FIX social tab bugs, like this:

by the way: whats the purpose of add or accept a friend if you dont like friendly battle? :thinking:


Yes, but those matches are being asked anytime of of day. When you are playing, you want to achieve something else than a random fight. (ex.: Burning a scent, or walking toward an epic that you’ve spotted at the edge of your radar). On the other side, doing 12 battles is done whenever YOU want to do it. You have to fight for incubators, so let say you have a 15 minutes pause at work, you can do a few fights. (But ooops, you came online so you got a challenge instead. You now have the choice to work on your incubators or do the impromtu challenge.)

Maybe another solution would be a box that you could tick that say: “available for challenges”?


The box is a fine idea but wouldn’t work, because my status changes all the time. Like when I pop up a scent I wouldn’t wanna bother with ticking the box. And you do not have to accept a battle.
1 friendly battle really is not an issue, you’re just making it one. Are you not in an alliance with 50 members?

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First, you can do all the other tasks WHEN you want to do them. You do not choose when you get interrupted by a daily challenge. During a scent? Trying to get an incubator running because you have none anymore?

Two, sure it would be nice to be able to try other dinos in the friendly challenge, but when you get a request, you don’t have the time switch your team. Ideally, we would need a few groups of dinos we could choose on the spot. Like 8 arena dinos, 8 different challenge dinos, and 8 tournament dinos. (though, if they add that, it will likely introduce more bugs)

You wouldn’t but I would! Even better, an option that you could tick that say: “Do not appear online when using a scent”. So, as soon as you pop a scent, you won’t be bugged.

And yes, I am a member of a VERY active 50 members team that were already sending those challenge requests many times every gaming sessions, so now, it will be even worst.

All extra and nice features, but just clicking DENY is easy enough for me. Doesn’t happen often.
If you wanna decide for yourself when you battle, then you should be the one who challenges others. WHEN you want.

I’m glad it’s back, as it’s one of the easiest quests. There are some more annoying quests.

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So now, I’m the one who has to bug my 49 teamates while they are working on a scent??? . Let see: at anytime, there’s probably 5 to 10 online. I tap the first one, wait, wait, wait, wait, deny, I tap the second one, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, deny. You get the drift, where’s the fun in that. If you go through the list, you have to try again later. Where’s the fun in that? For me, it’s much faster to fight for an incubator than it is to try to get a friendly challenge going.

This can’t possibly be slower than completing 12 battles. You can also just ask in chat. Determine a time. Easy peasy.
Your alliance members always have as cent up when you challenge them? It happens, but that’s just unlikely. You’re not bugging them, it’s just a request and it’s easily clicked away. No one in my alliance ever felt bothered by it.

I ask if anyone wants to do a daily in my alliance chat. Easy peasy.

The thing is doing 12 battles is truly quick and easy for me. I do a few during my breakfast, my break, my lunch, etc. I never have to do all 12 battles in one shot because I’m literraly always waiting for one incubator to finish (I always have 4) so I can do more fights to replace it. In fact, sometime I’m done with the 12 battles task by lunch time, so I feel bad having to still fight for incubators while it’s not doing anything toward that task anymore.

And, maybe no one in your alliance is bothered by challenge request, but in mine there’s at leas one: ME

But no matter what though, it’s not to us to decide, we will see if bringing back this task is a bug (it was removed) or if it’s there to stay.

“Dear alliance, please don’t ever challenge me because clicking on a red button 3 times a day bothers the hell out of me and it enrages me so much! I’m sure all of you also feel like this, even though I never asked, so I will not try to plan a friendly battle with you guys, ever. Unfortunately I cannot always reach all my daily missions this way, but I see no solution. Thank you for understanding.”
Problem solved.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but come on man. It takes 10 seconds to ask, 20 seconds to confirm and arrange, and then off you go.

Again: Daily missions involve ALL aspects of the game. If you do not want to play all aspects of the game, the daily missions are not (all) for you. Your loss, but it’s not supposed to be easy.

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but i ask again: whats the purpose of have friends added/accepted if dont like friendly battles?

improve the friendly request system and lets battle. place a button “i dont want friendly battle now because im busy collecting dna or trying to climb trophies.”.

there would be tons of suggestions, but simply “available”/“busy” sould be nice.


a multiplayer pvp based game, with some social aspect, that you dont want to be bothered by players doesnt make much sense for me.

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