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Please remove global commons from scent pools


Guys, I didn’t drive over to L2, in the rain no less, just to catch back to back to back Irritator G2s. I can catch these in my yard without ever leaving.

Kind of defeats the purpose…


I agree and remove them from parks too


And from arena incubators…


That’s odd, i get the opposite problem. L2 scents are nonstop Einio. I’d rather have global spawns (like a lot more Velo at night)


Scents We all have problems with them.We go to the local zone and we get global spawns.It would be better to have : Global Epic-Global Rare-Global Common
Local Epic- Local Rare - Local Common
Park Epic -Park Rare-Park Common (it can benefit the people without parks)


Yeah, let’s remove all the global commons like… Velociraptor and Tarbo and apato…


Yeah as annoying as irritator gen 2 can be… removing the global commons from them would make scents far worse… as it is a large common scent nets me more then half my spawns to be majunga… removing globals from the equation would mean any scent not ran during the day… would net me non stop majunga…

The real problem here is 1.5 spawn mechanics… makes every dino hunting aspect of the game worse from a player perspective. Thats not a good thing for either us or ludia.


ludia, please make this dino arena exclusive again.


Just allow scents to draw dinosaurs from the whole pool available to the game rather than being zone or Arena only. Then they become worth buying and using.

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Yes, lets absolutely do this.


Let’s remove all crap global spawns and have only good Dino’s all over. Bring erkilo into a Zone. He obviously doesn’t exist in L3


That’s the worst idea ever


No, it really isn’t. It’s the best thing they could do with scents. I could get maybe not Arena exclusives but Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be available from the scent capsules regardless of your current habitat zone.


then why would anyone buy scents, that’s almost as bad as buying incubators. At least incs give you coins.


Why wouldn’t people buy scents? If a scent would generate dinosaurs from across all four habitat zones rather than just the one you are in, everyone would spent their cash on getting them to get the dinosaurs that they don’t see where they live/work.

Incubators don’t give enough and are way too random. If a scent generated any dinosaur I’d buy them because then I know that the DNA I get from hunting is on my skill not some predetermined algorithm.


Dude, if they are from all locals, that’s exactly as random as Incubators.


How would your skill as a hunter have any effect on what the scent would spawn? Right now you can as atleast go the the local you need and drop a scent.

What your proposing would make scents have a larger and thus even more diluted spawn table then parks currently all.

Cause thats the biggest reason why parks suck. Just to many possible dino to make their be any effective way of hunting the one you want.


I’d just be happy to pull tbe dinos that I drove 20 min to get to. Dont understand why this is even an issue that I have to deal with in game.


It wouldn’t, but I’m sure I could dart more DNA from scents than I would get from basic incubators. My town doesn’t have a Zone 1 (that I have found in nearly a year of playing now) so I can’t get those dinosaurs without grabbing a bus and going out of town.

But you would get more variety out of the the scents than you would get from an incubator. Parks I can agree with but that is more than people go looking for a specific dinosaur where as scents would generate a random group that you could catch yourself.

I understand what you and @Pocemon are saying but there is a difference here between incubators and scents.

I’m obviously not explaining this very well on here tonight unfortunately but I hope you can see what I am saying.


The better solution to your problem would be zone specific scents…ie a local 1 scent…

With the current spawn mechanics all adding the 4 locals together would accomplish is giving you 2 diplo,2 sucho, 2 eiono, 2 majunga

Then depending on the rarity of the scent a chance at 1-2 of a random common, rare, or epic…

Right now i can take an epic scent and if i wanna focus on ouranao and pyro go to an l2, sino and kentro go to an l1, mono and erlik go to an l3.

L4 is kinda out of my way and if im their i wouldnt be using an epic scent. Speaking of l4, you know just by adding its epics to the spawn table you automatically make any other locals worse.