Please remove 'Join VIP!' from the daily incubator box

This is gonna get real irritating, real fast. Nothing puts me off paying more than having it shoved in my face whenever I try to do something.

According to the patch notes:

I was under the impression that it would just be a button we could click for more info, not one we have to see every time we tap on ‘collect’.


My favorite part is the exclamation point indicating we should be excited about it being there.


Agreed. This join vip marketing BS is just another thing to wind me players up. I used to be VIP and left because of all the glitches…you really want people to rejoin. Fix the bugs in you game, give better VIP rewards and then we can talk ludia…until then…stop putting things I your game which are driving people away from it.


Think they need more then a business analyst intern…but agree the definitely need someone in quality assurance ha ha


Agreed, it’s nothing too big but surely is annoying, just make it an exclamation symbol with a golden background on the top left of the daily incubator image and it’ll be way better

Guessing that they lost so many VIP subscribers after the last update that they are going to start shoving it down our throats. Will likely start seeing it elsewhere too. I get that they need to monetize the game.


Maybe if VIP was actually worth buying it wouldn’t be so annoying…

If Ludia wants people to actually join VIP, what we need are better incentives, not more ads.

And also more faith in them as a developer


Having it shoved in people’s faces won’t make them want it …

1.its not worth it.
2. As a company you’ve disregarded players complaints/ concerns more than once . let the player base down with update 2.9 and the log in issue and poor compensation - now 2.10 with the daily issue ,if that isn’t sorted it will surely drive people away for good.


Remember the 2.9 VIP price fiasco and how quickly it was corrected. They have priorities and the peasants aren’t it.


So that’s what they meant to improve the communication with VIP members. Not “with” VIP members, but just to nag everyone to be a VIP members.

Please respond to our concerns posted in this forum, if you are sincere to improve the communication with members.

Yeah, seeing the VIP inc near the top of the market now too, along with the regular VIP listings below it. With the lack of boost resets and this it seems clear that they are really pushing to maximize their return (bleed the players) on this game now which may have something to do with their buyout deal going south. Curious if they are using these tactics in their other games as well.

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