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Please remove swap in stunning strike from the game

I think this move is causing too many problems. Its getting out of hand, nothing should be able to swap in and hit through armor and stun + hit for 2k attack.


What annoys me is how hard it is to stop it from happening.
There’s not a single dino in the game who can successfully swap in and neutralize the swap with 100% certainty. All dinos that have swap-in invincibility or swap-in distraction are open to the stunning effects, since they either have partial resistance or no resistance.


It reminds me of the old DC meta (when it had swap-in shattering rampage). Right now I can’t let any creature get below about 2400 HP until I know the magnus is dead, or I’m getting sniped. It really limits gameplay.


Issue isn’t with the move, it’s the creature. Ceramagnus needs an attack nerf or a downgraded version is SISS


Simple answer: No


how would you nerf ceramagnus?

I’d say just change it. Remove the piercing component and reduce the stun chance.

Also buff Swap-In Stun to either a 75% or 100% chance to stun so as not to make it obsolete.

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Minor attack nerf to maybe 1400, change SISS to Swap in Stunning Smack (instead of 1x Damage its 0.75x Damage)

Or just remove the armour piercing

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Its unpredictable and the dinis who can do this are way too overpowered


boaG2 and majundaboa: “allow me to introduce myself!”


MRhino and Magnus: good luck slow poke

Yeah but they will dead if you mispredict it, even if you can they will just escape like a coward then comeback.

you’re right, imo there should be better creatures with on escape dust cloud

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Just get rid of the armor-piercing treat and it should be good I guess.


I tried a lv 29 max boosted Majundaboa during the last reshuffle. I tried a few configurations and rarely had good results. In fact many people purposely swapped in things like tryko and dio on it.

I just don’t understand why the game hasn’t shifted away from these swap in attacks. It should have ended with swap in rampage with dracoceratops.

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Its still a problem

the problem is not the move. ceramagnus is the problem. makes this seem more to op when ever the move is just fine

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